Tiktok shook face filter on Jake Quickenden's account

The terrifying TikTok face filter which is taking over the internet and how to get it

The filter is pure nightmare fuel

TikTok has been taken over by another face filter trend recently – and it’s a creepy one!

If you’ve been on the app recently, you may have seen people with a filter that gives them huge eyes and a false smile.

It’s called the Shook Filter – and here’s how you can get it.

@joeybennywilly I’m a terrible person for doing this….#shookfilter #marvel #mcu #avengers #ironman #snapchat ♬ original sound – Joey

Shook Filter on TikTok

Another filter is doing the rounds on TikTok – and it’s a lot creepier than the Crying Face filter.

The new filter has boomed into popularity recently and is all over people’s For You Pages.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Shook Filter is yet another filter that changes even the most neutral expression into nightmare fuel.

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The filter gives its wearer huge, wide staring eyes, a strange slightly shocked smile, and a double chin.

The filter is intended to make you look shook – or shocked.

In a similar fashion to the Crying Face filter, the Shook filter is being used on unsuspecting targets, sparking some hilarious reactions.

Phillip Schofield with the TikTok shook filter applied whilst on This Morning
Phillip received the shook filter treatment from a viewer (Credit: @unreal554 / TikTok)

How to get the shook filter on TikTok

The shook filter is pretty simple to get – but it’s not something you’ll be able to find on TikTok.

The shook filter is actually a filter that Snapchat made. So if you want to make use of this filter, you’re going to need the Snapchat app.

Once you’re on Snapchat, tap the smiley-face button next to the record button.

Then you’ll need to click on the browse button. Type in ‘shook’, and it should be the first option to come up.

Click on it and the filter will be applied to your or your target’s face.

Then record your video, save it, head on over to TikTok, and upload the results for your followers to see!

The best shook filter videos

There are thousands of shook filter videos to choose from on TikTok, but here are some of the best ones we found.

@unreal554 Shook filter this morning edition #shook #fypシ゚viral #fyp #fypシ #fypdongggggggg ♬ Laughing hard – Bytes

This Morning stars Phillip Schofield, Holly Willoughby, and other guests had the shook filter applied to their faces by one viewer of the show.

The moment in Avengers: Endgame seen at the start of our article – in which the Avengers assemble for a funeral – wasn’t safe from the filter either.

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The sad scene in the movie now looks hilarious, with Tom Holland and the Hulk looking like they want to laugh now rather than cry.

@laughliftlove Reply to @m33thos #starwars #funny #filter #shook #comdey #chewbacca #solo #snapchat #lol ♬ original sound – Ben Thur

This clip from Star Wars: A New Hope gives us a look at Chewbacca with the filter on. We’re not sure we’re ever going to be able to unsee that now.

Even celebs have been trying out the filter, with Jake Quickenden pranking his musical co-stars.

@jakequickenden This filter 😂😂😂!! #fyp #xyzbca #filter #funny #musical #theatre ♬ original sound – Jake & Family

It might be a little creepy looking, but the results from this filter are just downright hilarious at times!

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