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Saturday 8th August 2020

Tia Maria launches Iced Coffee Frappe cocktail in a can at Sainsbury's

Canned cocktails are quickly becoming the drink of the summer.

Already this year Lidl has launched a range of gin in a tin cocktails.

Smirnoff launched its range of hard seltzers.

David Beckham's Haig Club scotch range also launched two canned cocktails last month.

Canned cocktails are all the rage and Tia Maria's looks pretty special (Credit: Tia Maria)

And Kopparberg recently released a new cherry rum canned concoction.

However, a new arrival to the scene has more than caught our eye.

It features a mix of cold brew coffee and alcohol.

Fans of canned cocktails rejoice

And it comes to you from Jamaican coffee liqueur queens Tia Maria.

Without further ado, let us introduce you to the Tia Maria Ice Coffee Frappe.

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Yes, the iconic coffee liqueur has launched a new ready-to-drink cocktail.

Made with 100% Arabica coffee, milk cream, vanilla and, of course, Tia Maria, it's perfect for summer.

The drink claims to be both indulgent and refreshing.

"OMG that sounds insane – can't wait to try it!" said one soon-to-be fan online.

It's also a great alternative to England's busy bars and pubs this weekend, which are allowed to open for the first time since March.

The drink mixes Tia Maria with cold brew coffee (Credit: Tesco)

What's more, nitro technology means the cans create a typical frappe foam upon opening.

It'll be just like sipping on your favourite coffee shop frappe, with a generous measure of booze thrown in.

OMG that sounds insane – can't wait to try it!

The brand's Neil Jardine revealed: "The ready-to-drink category is in dynamic growth and has a bias towards a younger consumer, which is consistent with our strategy to breathe new life into this wonderful brand."

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He added: "The Iced Coffee Frappé is our first step into wider product innovation and allows us to present Tia Maria to a broader consumer, meeting new occasions and taste preferences."

The cans are a work of art

Jardine added that the brand wanted to celebrate its "one-of-a-kind soul" with a "refreshing" new look.

He revealed of the can's design: "We worked with street artists to bring a colourful and vibrant look to the Iced Coffee Frappé."

The cans are gorgeous – a work of art in fact.

The abstract design was created by Netherlands-based street artist Karsi and features gorgeous drips of bold bright colours.

The canned cocktail's tin was designed by a street artist (Credit: Tia Maria)

It almost looks too good to drink… Almost!

Where can I buy it?

The Tia Maria Iced Coffee Frappé cans have an ABV of 4%.

They're available now in Sainsbury’s priced at £1.89 per 250ml can.