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The nation’s favourite pick ‘n’ mix sweets have been revealed and the results will surprise you

We wouldn't have put that in the number one spot!

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The nation’s favourite pick ‘n’ mix sweets have been revealed and it’s fair to say the result will come as quite the surprise.

A new survey has thrown up pretty surprising results, in the same week that Twitter was alight with rumours that Woolworths was making a return to the UK high street.

Widely regarded as the home of pick ‘n’ mix, a Woolworths account claimed it was planning to launch three trial stores next year.

And, although it was branded a hoax by Wooldworths trademark owners Very, that didn’t stop people getting all hot under the collar at the thought of some pick ‘n’ mix!

pick n mix pictured in store at Woolworths
The home of pick ‘n’ mix – Woolworths (Credit: Nils Jorgensen/Shutterstock)

Where does your favourite sweet feature?

But which would Brits fill their bags with first? Well, the results might surprise you.

All the favourites, including fizzy cola bottles, foam bananas and strawberry bonbons are on the list, but where do they feature?

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A new survey by the French Bedroom Company asked Brits to pick their favourite pick ‘n’ mix sweets based on taste and value for money.

And the humble foam banana didn’t fare too well, ending up at the bottom of the sweetie pile and coming in at number 50.

Counting backwards from 49 to 47, Black Jacks, rhubarb and custard and Haribo hearts didn’t fare much better.

Jelly beans were only placed at number 46, kola kubes came in at number 43, while giant strawberries ranked at number 42 – higher than aniseed balls, that were placed at number 40.

favourite pick n mix
It’s a surprise to find Haribo hearts at number 47 (Credit: Unsplash)

Wine Gums beat pear drops

The thirties threw up similar surprises.

Pear drops were placed at number 37, just pipped by Wine Gums at number 36.

Fudge didn’t rank too highly, coming in at number 34 – mostly due to its size and weight adding the pennies once the bag is placed on the scales.

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Haribo jelly rings were placed at number 29, lemon sherbets were in at number 25, while the shrimp surprised us with its number 24 placement.

Edging into the top 20 pick ‘n’ mix chart, the Refreshers chew was voted in at number 18 – the candy necklace just beating it to the number 17 spot.

Foam teeth were placed at number 15, cola bottles at number 14 and strawberry laces at number 13 – just behind sour belts at 12.

haribo jelly teddy sweets
Gummy bears placed at number 11 (Credit: Pexels)

Heading into the top 10

The top 10 raised the most eyebrows, though.

Jelly crocodiles were placed at number 10, followed by the watermelon slice, fizzy cola bottles, sour dummies and milk chocolate gems at nine, eight, seven and six respectively.

We hope you’re sitting down as well reveal the top five…

In at number five, those deliciously chewy ruby red lips.

Straight in at number four were the yummy sour cherries.

Flying saucers – essentially two bits of rice paper with sherbet inside – were the nation’s third most popular pick ‘n’ mix sweet.

We know this always causes a discussion in our home, leaving us having to buy more pick ‘n’ mix to suit the family’s taste.

Just missing the top spot was fizzy bubblegum bottles.

And taking the number one spot, much to our disbelief, is the Haribo egg.

The French Bedroom Company’s Georgia Metcalfe commented: “In light of our poll results, a divide between sweet and sour palettes is clear, as well as a heated debate around the chocolate selection.

“We know this always causes a discussion in our home, leaving us having to buy more pick ‘n’ mix to suit the family’s taste.”

pick n mix jelly eggs
And the winner is… eggs! (Credit: Pixabay)

The top 50 in full

50 Foam Bananas; 49 Black Jacks; 48 rhubarb and custard; 47 Haribo hearts; 46 Jelly Beans; 45 Dolly Mixture; 44 Lovehearts; 43 Kola Kubes; 42 giant strawberries; 41 raspberry bonbons.

40 aniseed balls; 39 Spogs; 38 milk bottles; 37 pear drops; 36 Wine Gums; 35 white gems; 34 fudge; 33 foam mushrooms; 32 Fruit Salad; 31 marshmallow tubes.

30 jelly snakes; 29 jelly rings; 28 blue jelly dolphins; 27 jelly bones; 26 cherries; 25 lemon sherbet; 24 shrimp; 23 fizzy blue bottles; 22 strawberry pencils; 21 gobstoppers.

20 apple pencils; 19 strawberry bonbons; 18 Refreshers chew; 17 candy necklace; 16 blackberries and raspberries; 15 foam teeth; 14 cola bottles; 13 strawberry laces; 12 sour belts; 11 gummy bears.

10 jelly crocodiles; 9 watermelon slice; 8 fizzy cola bottles; 7 sour dummies; 6 milk chocolate gems; 5 lips; 4 sour cherries; 3 flying saucers; 2 fizzy bubblegum bottles; 1 eggs.

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