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The most dunk-able biscuit in the tin has been revealed – and the winner may surprise you

The votes are in, and they are final

Nothing screams United Kingdom louder than a deep dive into the biscuit tin and a cuppa.

It quite literally unites us.

As the world advances towards greatness, chocolate brands such as Milkyway, Cadbury and Galaxy have begun inventing mind-blowing biscuits.

What a time to be alive.

Oat biscuits and a cup of tea on a marble table with a pink rose
Oat biscuits and a cup of tea. What an elite combo (Credit: Pexels)

Can there really only be one winner?

Whether you prefer Rich Tea, custard creams or shortbread, here at ED!, we simply love them all.

We love restocking our biscuits tins, eating them all straight away and the best part – dunking them.

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Tombola surveyed 1,000 Brits about their biscuit eating practices.

A whopping 95% said they dunk their biscuits. Of course.

Only 3% said they don’t, 1% don’t drink tea (huh?) and 1% don’t like biscuits at all.

Citizenship revoked. Just kidding, more biccies for us!

Star shaped cookies on a grey slab.
Only 5% of Brits don’t dunk their biscuits in their tea (Credits: Pixabay)

So what is the most dunkable biscuit in the tin?

For the 3% non-dunking Brits who may be flirting with the concept of dunking, go for it!

Here’s a list of the top ten most dunk-able biscuits for your consideration.

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One word of warning, though, just don’t dunk ’em for too long!

10. Lotus biscuits (1%)

9. Digestives (1%)

8. Ginger Nut (2%)

7. Rich tea (3%)

6. Jaffa cake (7%)

5. Bourbon (10%)

4. Custard creams (13%)

3. Shortbread (18%)

2. Hobnob (20%)

And finally… drumroll please…

The award for the most dunk-able biscuit goes to the chocolate digestive with a score of 21%.

The nation has spoken, but do chocolate digestives truly deserve to win?

Either way, one thing’s for sure, it’s most definitely time to go and stick the kettle on!

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