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Monday 13th July 2020

Which supermarkets still offer home delivery? Latest updates from Asda, Sainsbury's, Tesco and more

News on deliveries during coronavirus lockdown

With Brits being urged to stay at home and with food supplies no doubt running low, which stores are still offering home delivery?

Following Boris Johnson's UK lockdown and previous stockpiling by selfish shoppers, supermarket delivery slots have been entirely sold out.

So what is the latest news from the likes of Asda, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Morrisons amid coronavirus lockdown?

The at risk are being "forced" to head out for food (Credit: Asda)

Well, we have a glimmer of hope if you're looking for a supermarket delivery slot.

Earlier today, ED! checked on all of the supermarket sites and found that Sainsbury's had slots for delivery this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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The store says it is doing all it can to open up more delivery slots, so if none are showing it's worth checking back regularly.

Be prepared to wait

Asda has a waiting room system in place on its website – although it doesn't say how long the wait will be.

We checked earlier today and Sainsbury's had home delivery slots (Credit: Sainsbury's)

Over at Morrisons, there were 172,000 people ahead of us in the queue to get onto the site when we checked.

Reports suggest there are no slots left for April at the moment, while May isn't showing on the site.

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Home delivery from Tesco is off limits for now – no slots are showing on their website.

Dates up until April 15 are showing as fully booked.

You'll be in for a wait on the Asda website (Credit: Asda)

The Co-op also delivers a maximum of 20 items to UK homes.

However, the deliveries are limited to certain areas of London, Bristol, Brighton, Manchester, Southampton and Bournemouth.

This is forcing at risk groups to go outside and visit local stores, fearing contact with the virus.

We tried several London postcodes and Co-op didn't deliver to them.

Home delivery slots are unavailable on the Ocado website.

Prioritising the vulnerable

Iceland is prioritising those over the state pension age, those who are self-isolating and vulnerable Brits.

In the name of research, we selected the option to say that we were in the vulnerable group.

However, while dates up until April 1 were showing on the site, no delivery slots were available.

All supermarkets are doing their best and working hard to add more delivery slots.

It is worth checking back regularly, trying late at night and early in the morning, to get a home delivery slot.

Click and collect is available if you are able to leave the house.

Iceland is prioritising the vulnerable (Credit: Iceland)

Yesterday, ED! told you how Brits were disgusted that the at risk were being "forced" to venture outside to get food shopping.

One said: "All the supermarket apps have traffic restricted and delivery slots booked out for weeks in advance."

They added: "This is forcing at risk groups to go outside and visit local stores, fearing contact with the virus."

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