Shoppers call out major gaffe on Waitrose’s Gerry The Giraffe cake

It looks like anything but a giraffe!

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Shoppers have said that “aliens who have never visited earth” could’ve done a better job on a new Waitrose cake that’s gone viral.

Let us introduce you to Gerry The Giraffe.

Gerry costs £13, serves 16 and certainly sounds delicious when you read the blurb.

“Golden sponge filled with yellow vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam, coated and hand decorated with yellow vanilla buttercream and sugar paste decorations,” the description reads.

However, if you’re expecting the cake to look like a giraffe, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

Gerry’s face is mostly hidden in his website mugshot (Credit: Waitrose)

Users on Reddit likened Gerry’s appearance to a Lego figure’s head, Homer Simpson and a “Minion disguised as a giraffe”.

Gerry appears to be yellow and brown, whereas giraffes have markings that are more tan, orange and brown.

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“They’re having a giraffe,” said one Reddit user.

“If you tried describing a giraffe to an alien who has never been to earth, they would still come up with something better than this,” said another.

Shoppers have said whoever designed it clearly hasn’t seen a real-life giraffe (Credit: Pixabay)

“Looks like something The Apprentice candidates make in the food/manufacturing week,” another offered.

“Somehow it resembles Homer Simpson more than a giraffe,” said another.

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“Hahaha, it looks like a mutated truckle of cheese,” another laughed.

The mouth of the cake – basically a rectangle of brown icing – has also been a cause for laughs online.

“Made me laugh so much, whoever designed this has not seen a giraffe or any type of mouth ever!” laughed one shopper on the Waitrose website.

A viral picture has given a better glimpse of Gerry (Credit: Reddit)

One Reddit user even mocked up a picture of the cake on the heads of two real-life giraffes.

Others said they expected more from the fancy supermarket.

“That’s atrocious, I’d expect more effort from Waitrose,” they said.

Made me laugh so much, whoever designed this has not seen a giraffe or any type of mouth ever!

“Really is p*** poor, looks so amateurish,” said another.

And, while sarcasm may be the lowest form of wit, a couple of commenters used it to great effect.

“I have to say I haven’t looked at many pictures of giraffes before. Can’t believe how realistic they’ve managed to make it,” they said.

This mock up of the cake on a couple of real giraffes has gone viral (Credit: Reddit)

“I have never really seen a giraffe in real life, but damn that cake is pretty close to perfect,” one quipped. “I love the comparison between the cake and giraffes in the wild. I’m still in shock!”

We have to admit, while it doesn’t resemble a real-life giraffe, we still wouldn’t turn down a slice!

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