Shoppers amazed to discover high street jeweller is selling Pandora dupes from as little as £16

We know where we're shopping from now on…

We’ve got some very good news if you’re in the market for some new bling.

Whether you’re treating yourself, your bestie or maybe your mum for Mother’s Day, shoppers on Facebook group Extreme Couponing & Bargains have unearthed quite the deal.

If you’re a fan of jeweller Pandora – famed for its customisable charm bracelets, designer rings, necklaces and earrings – then you might want to have a little look at Warren James’s offerings.

The high street jeweller sells necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets that are “almost identical” to Pandora’s gems.

The Pandora Sparkling Family Tree Necklace costs £100, while Warren James’s Diamond Life’s Tree is just £35 (Credit: Pandora/Warren James)

And, while Pandora can be a little pricey, the Warren James pieces are in the sale – and we really are hard pressed to tell the difference.

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The bargain hunter posted: “After seeing the braid ring that was posted on here I went into Warren James to get one for my sister. I said about it to the girl in the shop and she said how many bits they do that are almost identical to Pandora.”

Warren James’s Knot Design earrings cost £16 and look pretty similar to Pandora’s £55 Shimmering Knot Studs (Credit: Warren James/Pandora)

The savvy shopper added: “She showed me and let me take a few photos to compare them for myself and the price difference is insane! Will definitely be going into Warren James first from now on.”

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The post quickly garnered almost 5,000 comments, with many people wowed by both the products and the price comparison.

Pandora’s Sparkling Slider Tennis Bracelet retails at £100, while Warren James’s Friendship Bracelet is £22 (Credit: Pandora/Warren James)

“That’s because you’re paying for the designer’s name. Not much to do with the products themselves. Always shopped at Warren James,” said one fan.

“Surprising what people do for just a name tag – always loved Warren James,” said another.

“Unbelievable to think how much we spend in Pandora. Know where I’ll be going first,” said another.

One of the rings in Warren James’s 2 Ring Duet Set, £37, is almost identical to Pandora’s £80 Sparkle Square Halo ring (Credit: Warren James/Pandora)

“Some of these are lovely and not a bad prices either,” said another Warren James fan.

Surprising what people do for just a name tag – always loved Warren James.

“Wow! I know which one I would be shopping at,” exclaimed another.

Warren James’s Halo Design Necklace is just £16, while the Pandora Round Sparkle Halo Necklace costs £70 (Credit: Warren James/Pandora)

“Some fab gifts!” said another.

There were some users who revealed they would be sticking to Pandora, though.

One said: “You’re comparing crystal to cubic zirconia in Pandora. Can’t really compare on stone value there. Same for most of these here.”

Warren James’s Huggie With Drop earrings are £17, while Pandora’s similar Square Sparkle Hoop Earrings are £70 (Credit: Warren James/Pandora)

If you want to pick up a bargain, pop into one of the Warren James stores or head online and shop the sale.

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