Scientists discover new hangover cure that works faster than any other known remedy

Perfect for the morning after the night before

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Scientists have discovered the answer to all of our hangover prayers.

When you’re waking up the morning after the night before, avoid water and paracetamol, there’s a new kid on the anti-hangover block you should be reaching for.

And the alleged “cure” works faster than any other remedy on the market.

Forget the Bloody Mary, let us introduce you to your new hangover cocktail.

The Bloody Mary has long been the hangover drink of choice (Credit: Unsplash)

And it contains the juice of a rather pretty cactus.

Hailed online as the Prickly Pear Daiquiri, the cure features the juice of the prickly pear cactus mixed with cherries.

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It has been proven to cut hangover sickness by half and reduce headaches by a third.

Thanks to its rich mix of vitamins and minerals, it cleanses the body faster than any other remedy.

Average headache intensity was 34% less and nausea 42% less.

With International Sauvignon Blanc Day being celebrated in lockdown kitchens across the country last week, we wish we’d have stocked up!

The study’s results

The study’s author, Professor Bernard Lieb, said: “Average headache intensity was 34% less and nausea 42% less.”

Other symptoms – such as feelings of restlessness and indifference due to lack of concentration – fell by an average of 41 and 27%, respectively.

The prickly pear could be your new saviour (Credit: Unsplash)

Scientists conducted a study of 214 participants aged between 18 and 65, giving half a supplement containing the concoction.

The others took a placebo.

They took it before and after drinking as much beer and wine as they wanted.

Then, 12 hours later, they were asked to rate their hangover symptoms.

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Those taking the supplement reported less severe symptoms than those who took the placebo.

You will need…

However, to make this hangover-busting concoction yourself, you’ll need to source the ingredients.

Some of which may be tricky to find now that air travel is out…

You will need the Barbados cherry, a super fruit also known as Acerola, prickly pears, ginkgo biloba and willow and ginger root.

Research suggests it slashes headaches by a third (Credit: Unsplash)

Holland & Barrrett sells a range of cherry supplements, while prickly pear extract tablets are also available online.

Robinsons has also just launched a new Superfruit Cordial containing the Barbados cherry.

The Orange & Acerola Cherry cordial is on sale in Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and on Ocado for £2.50 now.

More research needed

The report – published in the BMJ Nutrition Prevention & Health – stated that more research was needed.

So we’re hoping for a cure in capsule or cocktail form soon!

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