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Retro dessert fans have fallen in love with new Angel Delight unicorn dessert kits

It features colour-changing sparkles!

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Angel Delight makers Premier Foods has, ahem, delighted fans of the retro dessert by launching a new addition to its range of whipped puds.

Let us introduce you to the gorgeous new Angel Delight Unicorn Edition Dessert Kit.

The pudding is made up of three pretty strawberry-flavoured layers and looks set to take the place of banana bread in lockdown kitchens up and down the country.

Angel Delight
The Unicorn Edition Angel Delight is on sale now (Credit: Morrisons)

The box shows the dessert layered in glasses, with a light pink base topped with a dark pink layer – complete with magical colour-changing sparkles – and a creamy white whipped top.

The whole thing is then topped with pink, purple and blue sprinkles, which are also included in the box.

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Just add milk!

The kit contains everything you need to make the eye-catching dessert, all you’ll have to add is milk.

“Looking for a truly magical dessert to try at home with the whole family? Then look no further than the NEW Angel Delight Unicorn Dessert Kits!” the brand tweeted.

It added: “Fun to make and tasty to eat.”

“This looks amazing – I’m in love!! Cannot wait to try!!” said one Angel Delight fan.

A rep told ED!: “Introducing a NEW Angel Delight range with the launch of a new unicorn-themed Dessert Kit – the brand’s first venture into the kit market.”

They added: “Each kit includes four sachets: Angel Delight Strawberry, plus a new addition to bring the unicorn theme to life – Strawberry Magic with colour-changing sparkles – a Dreamy topping and colourful sprinkles to decorate.”

The rep also explained the magic behind the colour-changing sparkles.

They said: “Once mixed with milk, the new Angel Delight Strawberry Magic is set to captivate shoppers as its red sparkles turn violet.”

Angel Delight
The unicorn dessert kit features three layers, one of which has colour-changing sparkles (Credit: Premier Foods)

“With topping and sprinkles also included, the kit is ideal for those wishing to customise their dishes at home and have fun with the family,” they concluded.

Where to buy it

Each pack serves four and costs £1.60. However, it’s only currently available at Morrisons.

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Although chatter on Twitter seemed to hint that the kit could be heading to other supermarkets soon.

“I think what will happen is Morrisons will launch it then say in a few weeks the other supermarkets will start selling it too,” said one foodie blogger.

Angel Delight
You can also buy the whip in individual sachets (Credit: Morrisons)

Morrisons is also selling individual sachets of Angel Delight Unicorn Strawberry in single sachets.

They cost 60p, but you’ll only get one colour as opposed to the three in the kit.

“Mmmm… Delightful,” the blurb reads.

It also explained the magical flavour.

“Yummy tasting clouds and fluffiness all whipped up with fresh milk,” it revealed.

Confirming the powered whip contains no artificial flavours, colours or added preservatives, Morrisons did confirm the sachets also contain the “colour-changing speckles”.

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