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Six quiz ideas that make it impossible to cheat or Google answers

Because there's always one that doesn't play fair

Hosting an online quiz is great way to bring friends and families together during lockdown.

But there’s just one teeny problem – there’s always that one person that just can’t resist cheating.

While the rest of the group are busy jotting down their answers, you’ll spot someone sneakily Googling the question on their phone.

Fortunately there are way to ensure everyone plays by the rules.

Here are six quiz ideas where you can’t cheat or Google answers…

Bradley Walsh, The Chase
Have you tried becoming a quiz master like The Chase’s Bradley Walsh during lockdown? (Credit: ITV)

1. Guess the theme tune

Before the quiz starts, keep what’s in store a complete surprise.

Then, when it begins, tell everyone you’re going to play a TV theme tune and they have to guess what show it belongs to.

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Stick to songs that don’t have words so they can’t Google lyrics either.

You’ll find Spotify is packed with iconic TV theme tunes from the Great British Bake Off to Dallas to The Apprentice.

If you don’t have Spotify, you’ll also find there are tonnes of songs on YouTube as well that you can play through your computer.

Just make sure you’re not screen sharing!

Quiz where you can't cheat (Credit: ITV)
Can you guess the answer to this catchphrase? It’s ‘I spy’ (Credit: ITV)

2. Catchphrase

A Catchphrase picture round is really fun and impossible to cheat on.

It’s super easy to set up too.

Google “Catchphrase quiz questions and answers” and click on the images tab.

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Here, you’ll find loads of Catchphrase pictures.

Pick the ones you want and either save it to your desktop or create a slide show presentation.

Ensure there is one Catchphrase picture on each slide.

When the quiz starts, share your screen and display one picture at a time and give your pals around 10 to 15 seconds to write down their answers.

Naming members of the royal family isn’t as easy as it sounds (Credit: Splash News)

3. Guess the celebrity

Another picture round idea.

Pull together around 10 to 15 pics of celebrities.

Make sure you get a variety of pictures –  stars that were famous in the 50s, today’s Hollywood A listers, reality personalities and so on.

Display each picture on screen and then share it with everyone taking part.

If you’re not a huge fan of celebrities, perhaps you could set up a guess the royal round instead.

Trust us, it’s a lot of fun and a quiz where you can’t cheat.

Little Mix
Could you name all four members of Little Mix? (Credit: SplashNews.com)

4. Flag round

If you want to test people’s general knowledge, why not opt for a flag round.

Simply gather a bunch of flags from around the world and ask your pals to guess the country each one belongs to.

Honestly, some people’s answers will shock you!

Swedish flag. Why is Sweden not on lockdown? Latest coronavirus news
Flags are great when trying to create a quiz where you can’t cheat (Credit: Pixabay)

5. Guess the song

If you’re a member of a streaming service like Spotify, create quiz playlist.

Here, add between 10 and 20 songs.

Make sure they are iconic songs but perhaps with somewhat obscure intros.

Once the round starts, play just three to five seconds of the start of each song.

Trying to guess a song by a snippet of its intro is actually a lot harder than you think.

People will kick themselves when they struggle to guess correctly.

It’s a really fun round and everyone has to play by the rules because it’s a quiz where you can’t cheat.

Robbie Williams at British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park
Would you recognise a Robbie Williams song from just the first three seconds? (Credit: WENN)

6. Anagrams

For this round, perhaps try and come up with a theme – for example, film titles.

Then, list down around ten films and scramble the letters.

When the quiz starts, share your screen with the scrambled films titles and tell your friends they have to guess what each one is.

Can you guess what this film could possibly be ‘hyposc’?

No ideas?

It’s ‘Psycho’ – see, a lot harder than it sounds isn’t it?

Now you have a bunch of ideas to hist a quiz where you can’t cheat, let’s see if the same person who’s been winning week in week out is still the champion.

Don’t forget to check in and let us know how you get on!

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