Pumpkin Pie flavour Kit Kat available this Halloween

The taste is said to be just like pumpkin pie!

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Kit Kat might already be one of Britain’s best-loved food and snack brands, according to YouGov research.

But the popular chocolate biscuit treat is branching out with a different flavour perfect for Halloween.

Kit Kats are available in a Pumpkin Pie flavour and fans are ecstatic.

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Instagram account NewfoodsUK posted about the treats and insisted the taste is authentic.

Sharing a photo of the packet alongside handfuls of the miniature biscuits in their wrapping, the account told followers: “Pumpkin Pie Kit Kat! As a huge pumpkin fan, these Kit Kats are spot on.

“They taste a lot like a pumpkin pie! These are in my top five, all-time favourite Kit Kats.”

In the comments, followers appeared completely on board with the idea of pumpkin pie Kit Kats, as one said with drooling-face emojis, “I need them” while another put, “[I’ll] have to try that” and a third simply commented with a string of clapping emojis.

Pumpkin Pie Kit Kat
They first released to a limited market in 2017 (Credit: A Taste of the States)

According to, Kit Kat initially launched the flavor to a limited market two years ago.

Now they are back but, unfortunately for Brits, none of the UK’s main supermarket chains are currently listing the goodies on their websites.

But NewfoodsUK pointed followers to UK-based US imports retailer A Taste of the States, which sells them.

They are currently priced at £8.79 and the product description reads: “Fall season is here, and with it comes a whole array of seasonal candies and treats from your favourite brands.

These are in my top five.

“These Pumpkin Pie flavour Kit Kat’s are the perfect example of why fall is such a great time of year! Now you can enjoy your favourite wafer layered biscuit coated in delicious pumpkin-pie flavour coating!

“This big multipack bag is full of individually wrapped Kit Kat miniatures, perfect for your candy bowl over the Autumn! What a great fall treat! Approx. 32 miniature Kit Kat bars per bag.”

It’s not the only seasonal variety the company is offering, either.

Over on A Taste of the States’ Instagram, one recent post informed followers about Kit Kats you can buy with a festive spin.

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The online shop is selling Sweet Cinnamon flavour Kit Kats in a 212g bag for £8.59.

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