Primark shoppers branded ‘stupid’ as they queue outside stores from 5am

The high street reopens today…

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The high street reopened this morning (June 15) and some Brits were so keen to bag a bargain they started queuing outside Primark at 5am.

Earlier today, the fashion retailer reopened 153 stores across England.

They’ve been shut since March, when Boris Johnson announced lockdown.

Pictures from across the country show customers standing outside the store, waiting for the doors to open.

At the flagship Primark store in Birmingham, people queued overnight so they could be first to get their fashion fix.

Camping outside Primark. The world is actually done,” said one.

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“The queues outside Primark, I cannot get over how dumb people are, it’s so stupid,” said one on Twitter.

“How desperate are you for 90p flip flops?”

Massively long queues of deluded ***** queuing outside @Primark on Oxford Street,” slammed one. “How f**king desperate are you for a pair of 90p flip flops?”

Primark reopened its stores in England today (Credit: Stephen Chung/LNP/Shutterstock)

I can’t believe people have been queuing since 5am to get into #primark. What is this world? What are they hoping to get – discounts on already dirt cheap stuff ? #madness,” said another.

It’s really depressing that there is a massive queue of 100s outside Primark in my home town this morning. #StaySafe.” said another.

“You’re queuing for Primark in the middle of a pandemic,” tweeted another.

“Nothing says desperation like queuing for Primark in a viral pandemic,” said another.

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So what’s more important, Primark or your/your loved one’s life?” asked another.

New shopping rules

Others slammed the new shopping rules customers will have to follow.

Nothing says desperation like queuing for Primark in a viral pandemic.

From today, shoppers will be advised to wear a face covering in store.

Large families will be banned. Fittings rooms will be closed. Customers will be asked to pay via contactless methods.

One-way systems and barriers will be in place. There are also floor markings to enable shoppers to maintain social distancing.

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Shoppers will also be advised to use hand sanitisers as they shop. They’ll also be asked to refrain from picking up items as they browse.

Treated like a “biohazard”

Returns will be held to one side for 72 hours before they are returned to the shop floor.

“Boris wants us to ‘shop with confidence’ but who wants to queue for ages, not touch anything in store and not try anything on? I’d rather shop online than be treated like a biohazard,” one said.

Primark is only reopening stores in England at the moment.

There has been no announcement on when stores in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will follow suit.

Other non-essential shops in England can also reopen from today, as long as they can comply with the new government measures to keep staff and shoppers safe.

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