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Pizza fans ‘intrigued’ as Papa John’s launches new breakfast pizza that has a baked bean base

Full English on a pizza, anyone?!

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Whoever said pizza wasn’t a breakfast option clearly hasn’t told the food gods at Papa John’s.

The pizza chain has announced its latest limited-edition launch and to say we’re keen for a slice is an understatement.

Yes, gone are the days of a simple Margherita or the divisive ham and pineapple, there’s a new pizza on the block and it looks pretty tempting.

Without no further ado, let us introduce you to the Papa John’s “one-of-a-kind” Breakfast Pizza.

Papa John's
The Breakfast Pizza is available for this weekend only (Credit: Papa John’s)

“I’m intrigued,” said one pizza fan on Instagram.

Yes, us too!

Essentially a full English breakfast piled on top of a pizza, it’s only available to order over the bank holiday weekend.

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And, the chain claims, it’s “what dreams are made of”.

The pizza has a “delicious Heinz Beanz base” and is “generously topped” with smoky bacon and sliced pork sausages.

We urge all pizza and breakfast fans to try it before it’s bean and gone!

It’s finished off with a “sprinkle” of golden-brown potato tots – or hash browns to you and me – and chopped mushrooms.

The pizza is all brought together with mountains of oozing mozzarella cheese.

Papa John's
It features a Heinz Beanz base (Credit: Papa John’s)

“This is definitely something worth getting out of bed for,” a Papa John’s rep said.

Despite the breakfast-themed toppings, the chain informed ED! the new pizza can be enjoyed all day long.

Available all day long

It said: “From opening right through to last orders, putting a unique spin on the traditional full English breakfast.”

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Papa John’s MD Giles Codd said: “Whether you’re nursing a hangover following a virtual pub quiz, or looking for a bank holiday brunch with a twist, our Breakfast Pizza makes for a great addition to your bank holiday weekend.”

The pizza chain MD added: “It’s only available for a very short period, so we urge all pizza and breakfast fans to try it before it’s bean and gone!”

“Don’t know how I feel about this”

However, some pizza lovers weren’t too keen on the idea.

“Oh no, I don’t know how I feel about this,” said one.

The pizza is available to order from now till Monday May 11.

Papa John's
It’s the perfect pizza to enjoy in bed (Credit: Unsplash)

The pizza is only available to order in large and, while the cost varies from store to store, prices start from £14.99.

You can, however, add a stuffed crust for an extra £2.50.

Enjoy, pizza fans!

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