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Percy Pig fans worry the sweets will be ‘cancelled’ after new Government obesity report

It slammed the sweets' packaging and called it 'misleading'

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Percy Pig fans are worried the popular M&S sweets will be “cancelled”.

The fears came after a Government-ordered obesity report was published.

The National Food Strategy report found the packaging of the pink jelly sweets to be “genuinely misleading”.

It states there are “no artificial colours or flavourings” and the sweets are “made with fruit juice”.

Percy Pigs
Fans of Percy Pigs are worried they are under threat as a result of the report (Credit: M&S)

As a result, the report – led by Leon restaurant founder Henry Dimbleby – accused M&S of “trickery”.

It said: “These can be found near the tills at Marks & Spencer, within spontaneous reach of tiny hands.”

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The report added: “How many parents take the time to check the ingredients list? If they did, they might be agog to find that the three largest ingredients by weight are glucose syrup, sugar and glucose-fructose-syrup.”

Dimbleby added: “I single out Marks & Spencer here, not because it is the biggest sinner, but because it is such a well trusted company.”

I swear to god if 2020 cancels Percy Pigs I’m leaving earth.

The report called M&S a “British institution” and said if it was “guilty of such trickery, you can be sure the practice is ubiquitous”.

Low-sugar Percy Pig range introduced

M&S hit back at the report, though, saying the claim that Percy Pigs have no artificial flavourings is true.

And let’s not forget that low-sugar Percy Pigs were introduced last year.

Percy fans were quick to back the pink pig, too.

I swear to god if 2020 cancels Percy Pigs I’m leaving earth. I KNOW there’s a ton of sugar in them THAT’S WHY I BUY THEM!” one tweeted.

Nobody has ever bought a pack of Percy Pigs thinking they’re a healthy snack. Leave Percy (and Colin) outta this!” said another.

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I swear 2020 can take away my social life, graduation and job prospects, but coming for Percy Pigs is where I draw the line,” said another.

“Don’t mess with Percy!”

I have bought Percy Pigs for years, thinking they were carrots,” another said sarcastically.

Don’t mess with the Percy Pigs or even think about coming for Colin the Caterpillar or I swear to god!” blasted another.

Others blamed Boris Johnson‘s government for the cancellation fears.

Earlier this week he announced a national crackdown on obesity.

Today the Tories are coming for your Percy Pigs, tomorrow it’ll be Freddos,” said another sweetie fan.

Just let me enjoy my Percy pigs in peace. Let me be chubby,” said another.

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