new weight loss injection

New weight loss injection that could help you lose 20% of your body weight hailed a ‘game changer’

Losing weight on the drug felt 'effortless'

A new weekly weight loss injection could help users lose more than 20% of their body weight, it has been claimed.

New research reveals the weight loss injection can suppress the appetite and, as a result, help the pounds fall off.

It’s called Semaglutide and is currently used at a lower dose to treat Type 2 diabetes under the brand names Ozempic and Rybelsus.

As a result of the study, it’s been hailed a “game changer” when it comes to aiding weight loss.

weight loss injection
A new weight loss injection has been hailed by scientists (Credit: Pexels)

What did the new weight loss injection trial show?

The study used the drug on 2,000 obese adults around the world.

They injected themselves on a weekly basis for 15 months, with dietitians checking in with them for counselling sessions once a month.

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The average amount of weight lost by each person over the 15 months was 15kg.

However, one lady named Jan from Kent lost 28kg, or four stone, which equated to one fifth of her body weight.

The drug changed my life and completely altered my approach to food. It felt effortless losing weight while on the trial.

Scientists were quick to point out that the weight-loss injection alone was not enough.

A healthy diet and exercise must also be observed.

Jan said: “The drug changed my life and completely altered my approach to food. It felt effortless losing weight while on the trial.”

weight loss injection
The drug could be approved by the end of the year (Credit: Pexels)

How does it work?

The drug works by hijacking the body’s appetite levels and mimicking a hormone that is released after eating a filling meal.

In essence, it tricks the brain into thinking the stomach is full.

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Some 32% of those involved in the study lost 20% of their body weight during the trial.

Meanwhile, 75% lost 10% of their body weight with the help of the new weight-loss injection.

What have experts said about new weight loss injection?

UCL’s Rachel Batterham said: “The findings represent a major breakthrough for improving the health of people with obesity.

“No other drug has come close to producing this level of weight loss – this really is a gamechanger.

“For the first time, people can achieve through drugs what was only possible through weight-loss surgery.”

Professor John Wilding from the University of Liverpool added it was a “significant advance” in the treatment of obesity.

When is it expected to be ready for use?

A higher dose of the drug is needed if it’s being used as a weight-loss aid.

It’s currently going through the approval process, which is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Doctors have pointed to a number of other conditions that could be helped as a result of the weight loss the new injection could bring.

Losing weight will reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and severe COVID-19 complications.

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