Brits can’t wait to try new ‘Pinball-sized’ Skittles Giants as they launch in the UK for just £1

They're three times bigger than normal Skittles…

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Skittles fans rejoice! The fruity sweets that invited you to taste the rainbow are available in a huge new size.

No, we’re not taking about multipacks or sharer sizes, we mean the actual Skittles are huge.

Three times bigger than the usual sweets, in fact!

Yes, you’ll be able to supersize your taste of the rainbow with the new sweets, which still have the same fruity flavours but with a softer middle.

“Super pumped for these!” said one Skittles fan on Instagram.

“I’ve seen them, they look like Pinball sweet size,” said another, referring to the Haribo snack.

“Omg THREE times bigger!” exclaimed another.

“Omg I love a Skittle,” said another fan.

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“Yum, have to try these,” said another Skittles lover as they ran out the door to the shops.

If you want to give them a try, they’ve been spotted on sale in Asda for just £1.

Omg THREE times bigger! Love a Skittle!

Over on Facebook, one early tester commented: “Skittles Giants spotted @asda they are £1 and they are like normal Skittles… but three times the size!”

“So nice I got some yesterday,” one early fan commented.

“Get your chops round these lol,” said one woman, tagging her Skittles-loving friend.

Others had a more adult use for the sweets, though.

“This is what we need for our vodka!” said one person, tagging their friend on Facebook.

“Yes definitely, are we going Asda tomorrow?” came the reply.

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They are, of course, referring to Skittles vodka – a fun way to add a splash of fruity flavour and colour to regular vodka.

All you need to do is place your favourite combination of Skittles candies into a glass or bottle of vodka and wait a couple of days for it to infuse.

However, not everyone was happy about the new launch, with some bemoaning the amount of Skittles Giants they predict you’ll get in the packet.

“Now you get three in the packet instead of 10,” one commented.

“Maybe we’ll actually get a full packet now,” said another.

Seeing as they’re only £1 a packet, we might push the boat out and buy a few!

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