Biscoff fans thrilled to find new chocolate-covered cookie butter biscuits on sale for just £1

Just when you thought the biscuits couldn't get any better…

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Hot on the heels of the news that tubs of Biscoff ice cream exist and are on sale in the UK comes more news from makers Lotus.

The brand’s Biscoff biscuits are a long-time favourite with Brits keen to enjoy the delicious cookie butter taste with their mid-afternoon cuppa.

However, now news reaches us that a new chocolate-covered version is available.

The new biscuits are on sale now (Credit: Ocado)

And, not only that, the packets of the biscuits are on sale for just £1.

Yes, Lotus really has covered one side of its original cookie butter biscuit with Belgian milk chocolate.

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And Poundland are selling packets of the biscuits – which contain seven packets of three individually wrapped biscuits – for just £1.

That makes them cost less than 5p per biscuit!

“Everything’s better dipped in chocolate, right?” Poundland said. “NEW chocolate coated Lotus biscuits. You can thank us later!”

Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Asda also have the biscuits on sale for a quid, but they’re on special offer, so prices could be set to rise soon.

Asda usually charges £1.49 for the biscuits, so you’ll be making quite the saving!

“They are on my shopping list for Friday,” said one Biscoff fan.

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Another added: “Love the biscuits so chocolate can only make them better.”

“Life-changing,” declared another fan.

“Another thing for you to look out for,” said another Biscoff fan tagging their friend.

“These are so nice and addictive,” confirmed one early tester.

Fans have said the biscuits are “life-changing” (Credit Lotus)

“Wow! These biscuits are another level,” said another fan of the chocolate Biscoff.

Another joked: “I can kiss goodbye to any plans of healthy eating for a while!”

The Belgian chocolate-covered biscuits are available to order on the Ocado website, but the retailer is obviously predicting a sell out as it’s limiting customers to 20 packets per shop!

Love the biscuits so chocolate can only make them better.

News of the launch is sure to delight fans of the brand, who can’t get enough of the products.

A team-up between KitKat and Biscoff delighted Lotus fans and chocoholics alike, especially when they discovered that the mini KitKat Chunky-style Biscoff-filled bars are available to buy in the UK.

The KitKat Mini Moments with Lotus Biscoff spread are just like little KitKat Chunky bars – except they have a hidden layer of delicious crunchy Biscoff spread lurking beneath the thick milk chocolate.

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