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New canned cocktail range launches on Amazon and it’s perfect for picnics

Bottoms up!

A new canned cocktail range has launched on Amazon and it’s perfect for picnics.

Yes, with social distancing the new normal and the outside safer than inside, there’s surely no better time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Especially as it’s going to be a scorcher this week.

canned cocktail
There’s good news for fans of a canned cocktail as a new range has just launched on Amazon (Credit: Sipful)

And, after you’ve packed your sausage rolls, quiche and sarnies, you’ll of course need a drink to wash it all down.

Canned cocktail range launches on Amazon

And we have found just the thing – on Amazon.

Let us introduce you to new drinks brand Sipful.

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The pretty canned drinks come in four different flavours and each feature a deliciously sparkling white wine.

Three of them are mixed with fruit juice to create new canned cocktails, while one features 250ml of organic sparkling white wine.

“Summer 2020 is finally upon us and Sipful has launched a brand-new range of premium canned cocktails and wines perfect for enjoying with friends and family at that long-awaited garden get-together,” a rep told ED!.

Focused on “authenticity and balance for flavour using only natural ingredients”, the range includes a Classic Mimosa, Blood Orange Mimosa and Peach Bellini.

The range features two different takes on the mimosa cocktail (Credit: Sipful)

The trio are made with real fruit, natural flavours and mixed with organic Spanish bubbly wine.

And, if you’re a mimosa fan, then you’re in luck. The range features both an orange mimosa and a blood orange mimosa.

“A real classic, the Real Orange Mimosa is 100% real orange juice mixed with the carefully selected crisp bubbly white wine. Crisp and refreshing!” says the blurb.

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The blood orange version offers a zesty twist on the classic.

“Giving the classic mimosa a modern Sipful twist, the Real Blood Orange Mimosa is 100% real blood orange juice mixed with crisp bubbly white wine. Sharp and sweet!” it reads.

Fizz fans will also no doubt be desperate to try the delicious Peach Bellini.

Perfect for enjoying with friends and family at that long-awaited garden get-together.

“Expertly mixed using the crisp bubbly white wine with 100% natural peach juice. Sweet and juicy!” the blurb reads.

How much are they?

Each can features 4.5% ABV and costs £35.85 for 12 on the Sipful website.

That means you’ll end up paying less than £3 for each delicious canned cocktail.

And, if you want to try them all, then you can also pick up a mixed case of 12, featuring three of each flavour cocktail and three cans of the sparkling wine.

Buy a mixed case if you want to try all four of the new drinks (Credit: Sipful)

However, in the best news, they’re available on Amazon.

And, if you’re a Prime customer, you could just be sipping on them by this time tomorrow!

Now, where did we put that picnic hamper…!

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