cadbury mini eggs bar

New Cadbury Mini Eggs Bar is now on sale at B&M and Brits are thrilled

Easter chocolate hits the shops ahead of Christmas

The new Cadbury Mini Eggs Bar has gone on sale at B&M.

And, while we’re fully aware that we haven’t even had Christmas yet, Cadbury has delivered the goods early, no doubt to make up for a horrendous 2020!

Will you be trying the new chocolate bar this side of Christmas? Because here at ED!, we most certainly will.

packets of the new Cadbury mini eggs bar
New Cadbury Mini Eggs Bars are on sale in local shops now (Credit: Instagram/KevsSnackReviews)

Easter chocolates launch before Christmas

A B&M rep revealed: “It’s not even Christmas and everyone’s favourite bargains store, B&M, is already launching its Easter chocolates.

“A brand new Easter themed bar has hit shelves – the Cadbury Mini Eggs Bar, and it’s just £1,” they added.

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As if echoing our sentiments, the release continued: “It wasn’t due to launch until Easter next year but it’s launched early and is exactly the kind of news we wanted to get us through to spring.”

Is this really real?! I so want to buy and eat this delicious-looking Mini Eggs chocolate bar so badly!

Cadbury fans on Instagram appear to agree.

One soon-to-be fan declared: “OMG! OMG!”

Another called the bar – which is stuffed with pieces of Mini Eggs – a “game changer”.

Cadbury's new mini eggs bar
The 110g sharer bars cost £1 at B&M (Credit: Instagram/HelenJTea)

‘Studded with a generous amount of tiny Mini Eggs’

Instagram foodie Helen J Tea has already tried the bar, which she spotted on sale at her local Spar.

“Who’s excited about the NEW mini eggs chocolate bar?” she asked.

“So it may not even be Christmas yet but as a Mini Eggs fan I couldn’t wait to try!

“This bar was studded with a generous amount of tiny Mini Eggs which was just perfect!” she added.

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Her followers were quick to reveal they were keen to try it.

“Definitely on the hunt for this now,” said one.

“It looks soooooo good,” said another.

“Yesssssss!! I bloody love mini eggs, this bar is the dream,” a third commented.

“Is this really real????” another asked. “I so want to buy and eat this delicious-looking Mini Eggs chocolate bar so badly!”

Cadbury's new Mini Eggs bar
Foodie bloggers have said the new bar is a dream (Credit: Instagram/HelenJTea)

Where can I get one and how much are they?

Well, if you feel the same, they’re on sale now at B&M for just £1 for a 110g bar.

Elsewhere the bars have been spotted at Spar corner shops as well as on wholesale websites, so it surely won’t be long till they’re in sweet shops across the land.

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