Mum hails miracle 90p Asda baby product that banishes summer ‘chub rub’

Great if you're 'chunkier round the bottom'

While most Brits rejoice when the sun comes out to shine, many women let out a sigh of despair.

They know it won’t be long before the dreaded “chub rub” rears its ugly head.

Curvier ladies will feel our pain.

chub rub
If you don’t have a thigh gap you’ll know the pain of chub rub (Credit: Photofusion/Shutterstock)

The weather warms up, summer dresses come out, but if you’re not #blessed with a thigh gap, chafing sets in – and quickly.

A day out and about enjoying the sunshine can result in a painful rash showing up on your inner thighs.

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The only thing for it over the next couple of days is to hide your pins away in trousers in order to get some respite.

Asda’s miracle cream

Or not if you’re an Asda shopper who happens to have a baby.

A woman on TikTok has discovered a miracle product that’s designed for babies but actually works a treat on the so-called “chub rub”.

It’s an absolute little beauty. It should definitely be called ‘Chub Rub Be Gone’. It does work.

Uploading a video of the wonder cream, she said: “If you know, you know!”

Well, we’re glad that we do now know.

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The product in question is Asda’s Little Angles Liquid Talc and it costs just 90p.

She explained: “It’s an absolute little beauty. It should definitely be called ‘Chub Rub Be Gone’. It does work.”

Great if you’re ‘chunkier on the bottom’

The woman continued: “It’s the only thing I’ve found that does work for me because I am a bit curvier, a bit chunkier on the bottom, and summer can be an absolute nightmare.”

She concluded: “So, 89p in Asda – you’re welcome.”

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Online at Asda it’s showing as 90p, but what’s 1p when you’re looking to banish the dreaded chub rub?!

All you do is rub the cream on your inner thighs, slip into a sexy summer dress and enjoy your day!

“It works. Only thing I’ve used that actually works,” confirmed one of her followers.

“This stuff is the best!! I swear by it!!” said another.

“Only thing that saves my thighs in summer… at 89p you cannot go wrong!” said another.

“It’s amazing, I’ve been using it for ages,” said another.

chub rub
The 90p baby product is a godsend (Credit: Asda)

“I’m bigger than the average bear and its brilliant stuff,” another confirmed.

We predict sales are going to soar with summer officially here.

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