M&S Christmas food

M&S Christmas food: Store launches two delicious melted cheese pastry dishes

Brits say they're a must for Boxing Day!

This is not just any Christmas food – this is M&S Christmas food, so you know it’s going to be good, right?

But we didn’t realise just how good until these pictures of the chain’s new melted cheese offerings landed on our desk.

“Altogether now… ‘Oh Christmas cheese, oh Christmas cheese,'” a rep sang.

M&S brie en croute
Around 95,000 brie en croutes were sold last Christmas (Credit: M&S)

M&S launch new hot cheese food range for Christmas

“Today is a big day for hot cheese lovers as last year’s Instagram sensation, the Brie en Croute is returning to M&S stores!” the rep added.”

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“Not only that, but it’s joined by another show-stopping hot cheese in pastry sensation – the Tear & Share Cheese Puff Pastry with Molten Camembert.”

It’s melty, it’s cheesy, it’s gooey. Our tear and share cheesy puff pastry with molten Camembert is a Christmas must-try!

And it’s the latter that we’ve got our greedy eye on.

It looks insane, and hundreds of commenters on Instagram seem to agree.

“It’s melty, it’s cheesy, it’s gooey. Our tear and share cheesy puff pastry with molten Camembert is a Christmas must-try! Available in store from the 20th,” the post revealed.

M&S camembert pastry
New for Christmas food fans this year is a cheese puff pastry with molten camembert (Credit: M&S)

What do Brits say about the festive hot cheese dishes?

“Yes please,” said one hot cheese fan.

“Need to find this for Boxing Day,” said another.

“Yum!” a third exclaimed.

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“I could eat that all by myself,” another drooled.

“Oh my,” another commented.

“That looks good,” said another soon-to-be fan, tagging a pal. “Keep your eyes peeled please,” they added.

How much are they?

It features a whole Paysan Breton Camembert surrounded by hand-twisted all-butter puff pastry with mature cheddar and regato cheese.

It’s priced at £12 for 590g of deliciousness.

Last year, more than 95,000 of the brie en croutes were devoured over Christmas, so M&S has brought it back for 2020.

It serves six and costs £14.

It features a “gloriously gooey brie” encased in handcrafted all-butter puff pastry and is studded with rosemary and garlic.

“Happy Cheesemas one and all,” the M&S rep concluded.

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