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Saturday 11th July 2020

Morrisons is selling a Jaffa Cake doughnut and shoppers are drooling

Yes please!

Just when you didn't think doughnuts could get any better...

Supermarket chain Morrisons is now selling a Jaffa Cake doughnut, which is filled with chocolate and orange sauce, hand-dipped in a chocolate glaze and topped with a Morrisons Jaffa Cake.

Not surprisingly, it's gone down very well with shoppers.

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I brought these the other day and have to say they taste amazing!

Morrisons shared an image on its Facebook page, and captioned it by saying: "What’s better than a delicious Jaffa Cake? One with a Jaffa doughnut attached."

It wasn't long before an army of shoppers responded, positively drooling at the combination.

"OMG, I am going there now!! After work treat," one wrote.

Another said: "I brought these the other day and have to say they taste amazing!

"Definitely one of the best doughnuts I’ve ever had. Nearly as good as Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I’ll be buying more for sure!"

Finally, a third shopper wrote something we were all thinking: "These look so yummy!!"

A pack of three costs £1.50.

Spar is sharing the chocolate-orange love! (Credit: Spar)

Elsewhere, fans of orange-flavoured chocolate who can't get their hands on the 'mythical' Orange Twirl have another option for satisfying their sweet tooth.

Convenience store chain Spar is currently selling chocolate orange doughnuts packed with a curd filling, but those who want to get their hands on a bag may have to act fast.

The goodies, which aren't listed on the Spar website, are being sold as a limited-edition treat.

Piers was not a fan of 'diet' doughnuts (Credit: ITV)

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Earlier today, Good Morning Britain's Piers Morgan has hit out at the news that Greggs is launching "diet doughnuts".

The sweet treats have a hole – rather than a filling – in the middle and so contain fewer calories.

"Oh please, they put a hole in them. Doughnuts don't make you diet. The whole thing's a total scam, Greggs are playing all of you and you're all falling for it," he said.

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