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Mini Biscoff chocolate bars go on sale on the UK high street and they’re only £2.99 for 11!

We have GOT to try these!

Mini Biscoff chocolate bars have gone on sale in the UK and not only are they delicious, they’re a total bargain too!

The bars were launched overseas last autumn.

However, sweetie importers such as GB Gifts were the only places that had them – and after being imported from overseas, they were pretty pricey.

Until now, that is…

biscoff chocolate
The new Biscoff mini chocolate bars come in two flavours (Credit: GB Gifts)

So what do we know about the mini Biscoff chocolate bars?

Well, the main thing is they’re on sale now in the UK – and they’re cheap!

Instagram foodie John’s Snack Reviews shared the news to his grid.

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He revealed: “NEW Lotus Biscoff Mini Chocolate bars!

“There’s 11 minis per pack for £2.99!”

For comparison, on GB Gifts they’re £9.99 plus postage, and both flavours are out of stock.

What flavour are the chocolate bars?

The mini bars come in two flavours.

You can choose from milk chocolate filled with a smooth Biscoff spread, or milk chocolate speckled with crunchy Biscoff biscuit pieces.

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They also come in bigger sharer bars – and they’re on sale in the high street too.

For fans of dark and white chocolate, the sharer bars are available online in the different chocolate types, but we haven’t spotted them on our shores yet!

So what have Biscoff fans said about the launch?

To put it briefly, they’re thrilled.

“Yuuuuuummm,” declared one.

“I’ll have to try them,” said another.

“I’m sure B&M had something similar in a sharer bar,” a third commented, to which foodie John confirmed that indeed they do!

“You need these,” said another follower tagging a friend.

“OMG YEAH!” they replied, as if speaking for us all.

biscoff chocolate
We’re not drooling, you are! (Credit: GB Gifts)

So where can I get the new Biscoff mini chocolate bars?

They’ve been spotted on the shelves of Farmfoods, according to John.

And, with more than 300 stores across Great Britain, there’s got to be one near you!

Sadly there isn’t an online shopping option.

But you can pick up the bigger bars at B&M.


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