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Met Office issues health warning ahead of this weekend’s 37C heatwave

Stay cool and keep hydrated

The Met Office has issued a health warning ahead of this weekend’s expected heatwave.

Temperatures are predicted to reach highs of 37˚C in the south, with the Met Office issuing a Level Two Heat Health alert.

The amber-level warning urges people to take “heatwave action”.

met office
The Met Office has issued a heat health warning for this weekend’s heatwave (Credit: Pexels)

“This stage requires social and healthcare services to target specific actions at high-risk groups,” the Met Office said.

What the Met Office warning means

As such, health authorities are telling the most vulnerable to take extra care in the “exceptionally hot weather forecast this week”.

Public Health England are warning Brits to keep cool and stay hydrated, where possible.

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Temperatures are expected to start rising on Thursday (August 6), with highs of 30˚C in the south-east.

Things will continue to climb until they reach the low 30˚Cs in the south of England by Friday (August 7).

And the mercury looks set to continue to rise, with The Sun reporting highs of 37˚C this weekend.

Meteorologist Marco Petagna said: “Things will get much warmer on Thursday, although there is a risk still of some cloud in the north west.”

However, there will be a slight north/south divide if you’re thinking of getting away for a staycation.

He added: “For the north and the north-west temperatures will be hovering around the mid-20s. But the real heat and the best of the weather will be down south.”

Computer models suggest a very warm or hot period from Thursday, lasting for as long as mid-month.

Marco said: “On Thursday we’re looking at highs of about 32˚C and on Friday we’re looking at 34˚C-36˚C across southeastern areas, and possibly the odd 37˚C as well.”

“African heatflare” on the way

The heatwave is thanks to a 700-mile plume of hot air, known as “African heatflare”.

It’s set to move across the UK, with forecasters saying it could “rescue summer”.

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Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze revealed: “August could rescue summer. Computer models suggest a very warm or hot period from Thursday, lasting for as long as mid-month.”

He added that “35˚C is possible again”.

The warm weather is expected to last into next week, although the heat is due to break around the middle of next week when thunderstorms are predicted.

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