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Maltesers Cake Bars: New launch set to ruin Brits’ New Year diet resolutions

They look entirely delicious – and they're a total bargain!

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Mars has launched new Maltesers Cake Bars and they look set to ruin many Brits’ New Year diet resolutions.

After the excess of Christmas, where it’s perfectly acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, January often sees a spike in healthy eating.

Initiatives like Dry January – where you give up booze – and Veganuary, where you follow a plant-based diet, become all the rage.

However, after enduring a year like never before, it appears things could be different when it comes to our eating habits this January.

That’s if the food gods at Mars have anything to do with it.

maltesters cake bars next to a cup of tea
Our January health kick is going right out the window after setting eyes on these (Credit: Mars)

New Maltesters Cake Bars sent to try us!

Without further ado, let us introduce you to the snacking newcomer – the new Maltesters Cake Bars.

“The nation’s love of cake bars is set to soar with the launch of a new light, chocolatey, crunchy and malty variant,” said a rep.

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“The new Maltesers Cake Bars combines a light malty sponge, topped with a malt-flavoured cream containing Maltesers pips, all covered in a layer of chocolate.”

They added: “Seriously, what’s not to love?”

After one look at the pictures of the bars, we have to say we concur.

The new Maltesers Cake Bar combines a light malty sponge, topped with a malt-flavoured cream containing Maltesers pips, all covered in a layer of chocolate.

Perfect with a cuppa or for a post-lunch sugar boost, the new bars look delicious.

They feature a layer of moist sponge cake that’s covered in a rather generous layer of Malesters-flavoured cream.

And nestled within that cream are tiny “nibs” of Maltesers.

fun shot of new maltesers cake bars
You get five bars in a pack and they cost just 33p each (Credit: Mars)

How many calories are in a bar?

Far from ruining any diet though, the new cake bars aren’t actually too calorific.

If you’ve eaten healthily for the rest of the day, they won’t make much of a dent in your New Year health kick.

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The bars contain just 127 calories each.

Just remember to eat them in moderation!

new Maltesers cake bars next to packet
They’re on sale now (Credit: Mars)

Where can I buy them?

If you want to try them, you can pick them up right now in Morrisons, Tesco and your local One Stop.

From January 11, they’ll be in Sainsbury’s and Co-Op.

Asda gets them on January 18.

The packets of five individually wrapped cake bars cost £1.65.

Which makes them just 33p each.

Now that’s what we call a January sale bargain!

Cadbury has announced two new Cake Bars (Credit: Cadbury)

More cake bar news

Cadbury has also announced the addition of two new cake bars to its range.

Hitting shelves this month, Cadbury fans can enjoy the new Crunchie Cake Bars and Fudge Cake Bars.

Much like the Maltesers ones, they come in a pack of five.

You can pick them up in supermarkets for £1.85 per pack.

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