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Maltesers Bunnies Orange launch at B&M and Brits say their ‘life is made’

Easter chocolates on sale in time for Christmas

Maltesers Bunnies Orange have launched at B&M and to say Brits are thrilled would be an understatement.

Although technically an Easter treat, chocolate orange fans aren’t planning on waiting till April to try them.

In fact, one commented: “OMG need these for Christmas!”

group shot of maltesers bunny orange
Orange Maltesers Bunnies have launched at B&M (Credit: Instagram/NewFoodsUK)

Maltesers Bunnies Orange launch at B&M

A rep for B&M revealed: “Everyone’s favourite bargains store has announced that the orange-flavoured delights have hit their shelves this week.”

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The rep added that they’re on sale for the rather bargain price of just 49p each.

The discount retailer alerted savvy shoppers about the launch on its Facebook page.

The post was shared more than 360 times and received over 2,200 comments.

opened maltesers bunny orange
The bunnies are coated in delicious milk chocolate (Credit: Instagram/NewFoodsUK)

What do Brits say about the launch?

One fan wrote: “The hunt for the next chocolate orange begins!”

Others tagged their friends to share the news.

“My life is made,” one fan declared.

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“I seriously can’t cope with all this new chocolate orange stuff,” said another.

“What the hell!!! I’ll be getting porkier with all the new choc orange stuff to try!” another laughed.

“Oh hello there,” said another with the love heart eyes emoji.

What the hell!!! I’ll be getting porkier with all the new choc orange stuff to try!

“My god!” declared another.

“Another one for the list,” said another soon-to-be fan.

“I need this in my life,” declared another.

“Yummmm!! Yes please to all the orange choc,” another commented.

inside of maltesers bunny orange
They have a crunchy creamy orange-flavoured Malteser centre (Credit: Instagram/NewFoodsUK)

What’s inside the Orange Maltesers Bunnies?

The new launch updates the original milk chocolate bunny, which has a crunchy Malteser centre.

This one also has the same Maltesers crunch, but with the addition of a a creamy orange filling.

Kerry Cavanaugh of makers Mars Wrigley UK said: “We know that the flavour orange is a distinctly British taste that has seen a huge zesty makeover in recent years.

“While we often see an orange boom during the holiday season, we know that Brits love the flavour all year round, which is why we’re ensuring the ‘choc-work’ continues into the new year and beyond.”

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