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Lunch ideas: Best crisp sandwich flavour combos revealed by scientist

Get ready to drool!

Lunch ideas don’t come much better than a crisp sandwich, and now the best flavour combinations have been revealed.

If a crisp sarnie is your idea of lunch heaven, you’re not alone.

It’s a British staple and now a leading food scientist has published the top 10 tastiest filling and crisp blends.

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If you’re after lunch ideas, you can’t go far wrong with a Walkers Crisps Sub (Credit: Cover Images)

Best crisp sandwich flavour combos revealed

The University of Chester devised a study, commissioned by sandwich chain Subway, to identify key flavour compounds.

Using a mix of flavour science and consumer testing, the scientist compiled a definitive list of what makes the perfect pairing.

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Chicken tikka and ready salted crisps tops the list. This is due to the popular Indian dish’s ability to stimulate sweet, sour and umami flavours.

According to leading food scientist Dr Farrimond, the salty seasoning of the crisps enhances the already diverse bouquet of tastes.

Runner-up is tuna mayo and prawn cocktail crisps.

This works so well thanks to the pleasantly sharp Marie Rose tang of the crisps combined with the fish filling.

Meatball and ready salted crisps lands in bronze position. Chicken salad with cheese and onion crisps comes in fourth, with cheese and salt and vinegar crisps at number five.

Woman holding a subway sandwich as a lunch idea
Subway has appointed a new Crisp Sandwich Sommelier (Credit: Cover Images)

Word’s first Crisp Sandwich Sommelier

In light of the findings, the sandwich brand has appointed the world’s first Crisp Sandwich Sommelier – Michelin-trained Poppy O’Toole.

Of course, she is also known as the Potato Queen of TikTok to her 2.1 million followers.

Like a wine sommelier, Poppy plans to use the results along with her chef expertise to match bread with filling and crisp garnish.

“I grew up eating crisp sandwiches.

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“Back in the day, these consisted of crisps pressed between two boring pieces of white bread,” she said

“But the crisp sandwich has evolved and is now a delicacy in its own right.

“I’ll be imparting some of the flavour expertise and techniques from my Michelin training to elevate this humble dish and take it to a new level.”

Rounding out the top 10 is a BLT with salt and vinegar crisps. Ham with cheese and onion crisps, turkey with cheese and onion crisps, salami and ready salted crisps and steak and prawn cocktail crisps.

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