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Lorraine Kelly wears trainers to present the show today and fashion fans are divided

They were pretty muddy, too!

Lorraine Kelly wore trainers to present the show today (March 2) and fashion fans admitted they were pretty divided.

The ITV presenter teamed her pink, blue and white Nike trainers with a navy patterned midi shirt dress.

And, as Lorraine spoke to fashion correspondent Candice Brathwaite during a section on denim, she revealed why she’d opted for the controversial choice of footwear.

Lorraine fashion segment
Lorraine Kelly wore muddy trainers to present her show today and asked fashion correspondent Candice for her expert analysis (Credit: ITV)

What did Lorraine say about her footwear today?

Midway through Candice’s segment, Lorraine asked her: “Where do you stand on trainers?”

She then added: “Because I have to be honest, this morning I forgot to take my trainers off and put my high heels on.”

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Lorraine then revealed why they weren’t exactly pristine.

“They’re a wee bit dirty because I took Angus out for a very very early walk so I’m sorry about that,” she said of her pooch.

“I should have cleaned them!”

She added: “But that’s okay, are we allowed?”

Your style doesn’t dictate how hard you’re going to work. Wear your trainers Lorraine, you look great. Comfort above everything.

Candice reassured the host: “We are more than allowed trainers.

“Comfort dressing is key and as we see the world open up a bit more we’re going to take that comfort back into our working lives.

“Your style doesn’t dictate how hard you’re going to work. Wear your trainers Lorraine, you look great. Comfort above everything.”

“Exactly. I’ll just give them a wee clean,” the host concluded.

Candice Brathwaite ITV
Candice loved the trainers, which Lorraine had forgotten to change out of (Credit: ITV)

What did viewers say about Lorraine’s trainers?

To say viewers were divided would be an understatement.

Some loved the look, others really didn’t, so the trainers did get a very mixed reaction.

“Love the dress this morning but think you forgot to change into some nice shoes!!” one viewer commented shortly after Lorraine appeared on screen at 9am.

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“Why have you got trainers on?” another asked.

“Interesting choice of footwear, feel like them getting the trainers in the shot was a mistake that keeps happening,” another viewer commented.

Others loved them, though.

Lorraine’s Nike trainers are superb,” said one viewer.

Love it @reallorraine my daughter said oh wow, Lorraine is wearing @Nike trainers this morning.”

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