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Lockdown restrictions could mean pubs stay closed for another four months

The early May bank holiday is being eyed as the reopening date

The government’s current lockdown restrictions could see pubs close for another four months, it has been reported.

It’s thought pubs in England will be the last thing to open when the current restrictions lift.

As it is, lockdown is being reviewed in mid-February and it’s believed it’ll last until the end of March.

We’ve already been warned that everything won’t open up at once. Instead it’ll be done in stages.

And it’s been reported that pubs will be in the last of the phased reopening.

two women in a pub
Pubs could be shunt until early May, it has been reported (Credit: Pexels)

When will lockdown restrictions allow pubs to open?

Ministers are said to be looking at opening pubs in England again over the early May bank holiday weekend.

The first of the May bank holidays falls on Monday May 3.

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A source told the Sunday Times: “The May Day bank holiday is more likely the moment you’ll see pubs reopening.”

And those craving a pint can’t even get one as a takeaway after Boris Johnson banned takeaway alcohol last week.

Hearing reports that pubs/bars/restaurants will be closed potentially until May!!! Why?

Takeaway booze was allowed during the previous lockdown.

The Campaign for Real Ale called the decision the “death knell for many pubs”.

However, you can still stock up in the supermarkets, which is more than they can do in South Africa.

The government there has just brought in its third ban on domestic alcohol sales as coronavirus cases surge.

an empty bar
Bars are currently sitting empty up and down the country (Credit: Unsplash)

How have Brits reacted to the news?

Brits haven’t taken the reports well, it has to be said.

We can’t keep pubs closed until May FFS!” raged one on Twitter.

Hearing reports that pubs/bars/restaurants will be closed potentially until May!!! Why?

“If the vaccine rollout to the top 4 vulnerable groups which make up 80% of all cases and deaths are complete… why why why??” asked another.

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Indeed, earlier today the Prime Minister said that 40% of all 80 year olds have now been vaccinated.

Pubs are going to be closed till May, Boris is also extending lockdown. It’s going to be the same as last time, it defo ain’t ending in February,” said another.

“Boris may as well come out and say it… He has no intention of ending this,” another commented.

“Won’t most have gone out of business by then?” said another sadly.

“I guess I’ll have to turn my shed into a pub,” said another, a little more optimistically.

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