Little girl gags on mum's cooking

Little girl gags as she desperately pretends to like her mum’s cooking in hilarious video

What a little sweetheart!

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A little girl heaved as she adorably pretended to like her mum’s cooking in a viral video on Twitter.

Getting your child to like something you’ve whipped up in the kitchen can sometimes prove to be a challenge.

However, one little girl didn’t want to leave her mum disheartened as she tasted some spaghetti.

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The youngster insisted she liked the cooking despite gagging after every mouthful.

The mum captured the sweet moment on video and posted it to Twitter and YouTube.

In the footage, the little girl is seen squinting as she tried to swallow a mouthful.

Her mum asks: “How is it?”

The girl replied: “Good,” before struggling to keep it down and gagging.

The little girl pretended to like her mum’s cooking (Credit: Twitter/@annie_wilkins)

She then burped, managed to swallow the mouthful and tried to smile.

Her mum says: “Hey, you okay?”

This makes me wanna cry bless her.

Smiling and gagging, the little girl tells her mum: “I’m okay.”

How adorable.

What did people on Twitter say?

Users can’t get over the little girl and shared their thoughts.

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Her mum captioned the post: “@somegoodnews my daughter pretending to like my spaghetti #spaghettidryheaves.”

One person said: “Funniest part of the clip, fair play it’s like she puked in her mouth and held it.”

Another wrote: “I was in hysterics for AGES the poor girl and her attempts to be polite killed me.”

A third added: “This makes me wanna cry bless her.”

One demanded: “I really need to know what she was eating to make her gag that hard.”

Another said: “My husband and I have had THE BEST LAUGHS over this! Omg we haven’t laughed so hard in daaaaaays.

“Cant wait to show my kids in the morning. Hahaha!”

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