Lidl chocolate orange gin

Lidl is launching a Chocolate Orange Gin and Brits can’t wait to ‘test it out’

Jump on this year's must-have flavour in the form of a gin!

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Lidl is launching a Chocolate Orange Gin as part of its winter-themed Spirits Festival.

It’s not Terry’s, the new gin can officially be yours to enjoy as you like when the festival kicks off in store on November 3.

The Spirits Festival features 12 premium craft spirits from distilleries across Scotland, England and Wales and prices start at just £17.99.

But the one we’re most excited about is the one that screams Christmas – the Chocolate Orange Gin!

Bottle of Lidl chocolate orange gin
A new chocolate orange gin could just be the perfect tipple this Christmas (Credit: Lidl)

A ‘deliciously different take on a classic’

“The Brecon Chocolate Orange Gin boasts flavours of powdery cocoa and silky vanilla with bursts of sweet orange and an unmistakably full-bodied juniper,” said a Lidl rep.

Orange. Chocolate. Gin. I am going to have to get some of this to test it out.

“Serve topped with tonic and garnished with cinnamon and orange for a deliciously different take on a classic,” they continued.

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“Orange. Chocolate. Gin. I am going to have to get some of this to test it out,” said one soon-to-be fan.

The gin costs £18.99 for a 70cl bottle that contains 37.5% ABV.

Lidl Cranberry Gin bottle
Spiced Cranberry could be the perfect Christmas dinner accompaniment (Credit: Lidl)

More new fruity gins

There just happens to be a couple of other gins in the new collection that have caught our eye too!

The Anno Spiced Cranberry Gin – £19.99 for 70cl – offers the perfect flavour for the run up to your festive season.

“Featuring delicious notes of cranberry and zesty orange making way for spicy cloves and cassia, it pairs well with apple juice or tonic for a delightfully distinctive serve,” Lidl said of the booze, which contains 40% ABV.

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Fruity gin lovers are also in for a treat with the Harborough Spirits Company Pear Drop Gin.

It’s based on the classic retro sweet and also costs £19.99.

A “specially distilled gin with strong notes of pear and a subtle juniper finish”, Lidl said it’s served best with tonic.

However, in a cocktail that’s got our lips licking, it can also be served “as the perfect addition to prosecco”.

Bring on the festivities!

Bottle of Lidl's pear drop flavoured gin
Add a touch of the Pear Drop Gin to prosecco for the perfect cocktail (Credit: Lidl)

When and where can I buy them?

The Lidl Spirits Festival starts in store on November 3.

Head to our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and tell us if you’ll be popping in to pick up a bottle.

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