KitKat Chunky Cookie Dough makes a UK comeback with Mint set to follow suit

Which will you scoff first?

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KitKat Chunky fans are over the moon to discover that makers Nestle is bringing back two old favourites.

And, what’s more, the bars will be on sale in UK stores very soon.

According to some foodie bloggers, one of the bars – the KitKat Chunky Cookie Dough – is on sale now.

“It’s back! KITKAT CHUNKY Cookie Dough is back and more dough-licious than ever!” a Nestle rep revealed.

kitkat chunky
Cookie Dough will be back on sale next month (Credit: Tesco)

The Cookie Dough bar features a crisp wafer finger coated in a thick layer of cookie dough filling studded with chocolate pieces. It’s all smothered in thick KitKat chocolate.

Nestle said the bar is set to return in August, but some fans have already spotted it on sale at Asda.

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Blogger Helen J Tea posted a picture of hers and said: “So happy Cookie Dough KitKat is back in the UK as this was one of my favourites!”

She added: “I bought it a few days ago from @asda but didn’t get to eat until today. It tastes just as good as I remember.”

If you’re a fan, you’ll have to catch it while you can.

It’s only sticking around in shops until early 2021.

One fan has spotted it in Asda already (Credit: Instagram/HelenJTea)

The bar was launched back in 2016, but Nestle promises the new version has had an update.

It has a “more indulgent creamy cookie dough filling than before”.

“KitKat Chunky has to be one of the best chocolate bars ever. KitKat is nice but the Chunky idea and the proportions changed the game,” said one Chunky fan.

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“Can’t wait to try the cookie dough one,” said another.

“Ooh I need to get to ASDA now!” another exclaimed.

KitKat’s Sascha Macchi said: “As a nation, we cannot get enough of cookie dough, so we are expecting consumers to go wild for the return of KitKat Chunky Cookie Dough.”

Nestle said the bar is even more delicious than before (Credit: Instagram/HelenJTea)

Sascha added: “We know KitKat fans love the opportunity to rediscover limited-edition flavours and this is why we are bringing back two huge favourites this year.”

The second returning favourite

Which brings us onto the second re-launch – the KitKat Chunky Mint.

As a nation, we cannot get enough of cookie dough, so we are expecting consumers to go wild for the return of KitKat Chunky Cookie Dough.

It was launched back in 2013 but will only be available while stocks last – and Nestle is only planning one production run.

“The UK is also a huge fan of minty treats,” Sascha said, “so we expect KitKat Chunky Mint to be flying off the shelves as soon as it leaves our production line in York.”

KitKat Chunky
Mint is also making a comeback (Credit: Amazon)

He added: “What’s more, it’s available for a limited time only, so we urge fans to get theirs quick!”

The two flavours join the current original milk chocolate KitKat Chunky and peanut butter varieties on the shelves.

They will be sold nationwide from August 17 with an RRP of 65p per bar.

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