Just Eat in Australia

Brits grossed out by what Just Eat is called in Australia

Did somebody say... Menulog?

Just Eat fans got a shock as the name of the food delivery company in Australia was revealed.

Throughout the world, well-known brands that Brits know and love are often named differently in different countries.

And now Just Eat’s name Down Under has freaked out fans.

Just Eat in Australia
The Australian name for Just Eat is freaking people out (Credit: Just Eat/YouTube)

What is Just Eat called in Australia?

In the UK, the delivery service is called Just Eat and its catchphrase of “Did somebody say Just Eat” has been a hit.

The app aims to give users a wide choice of food from a variety of different chain restaurants, as well as independent local eateries.

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“Freshly cooked, from your favourite restaurants direct to your door,” says the company.

With thousands taking advantage of its service during lockdown, Just Eat has been a popular option for those who want hassle-free takeaways.

But although its name has become imprinted on the minds of many, its Australian name has caused a shock.

How did Brits react to the Australian name?

One Twitter user took to the social media site to share the Australian advert for the company.

Using the same advert starring Snoop Dogg and the same ear-worm jingle, there’s one crucial difference – the name of the company.

In Australia, Just Eat is called Menulog.

And fans couldn’t quite believe it.

We definitely get the better name with Just Eat… I mean Menu Log… what and why??

One replied to the tweet: “We definitely get the better name with Just Eat… I mean Menu Log… what and why??”

Another wrote: “I saw this last year and I have been unable to get it out my head.

“Did [the singer] record two versions? Does he know it sounds like a menu [bleep]? I need a therapy group for this.”

“Sounds more like something for tracking your menstrual cycle,” another unimpressed tweeter said.

Finally, one wrote: “Menulog sounds like you just [bleep] a menu out.”

Walkers crisps are called Lay's in different countries
Walkers crisps called Lay’s in different countries (Credit: Lay’s)

Are there any other well-known companies with different names abroad?

It’s not the first time companies adopt a new name in a different country.

In Australia, Burger King has the name Hungry Jack’s.

Meanwhile, Walkers crisps go by the brand Lay’s across Europe and Sabritas in Mexico.

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Elsewhere, discount brand store TK Maxx has the name TJ Maxx in America.

And, when it comes to breakfast cereals, Rice Krispies have the name Rice Bubbles in New Zealand, while Coco Pops have a different name in the US, too – Cocoa Krispies.

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