Mini Cheddars

Jacobs launches a trio of new Mini Cheddars flavours including one that tastes like chicken wings

Which will you scoff first?!

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Jacobs has launched a raft of new Mini Cheddars flavours, much to the delight of snack-loving Brits.

Pictures of the new flavours have been posted on social media, with fans of the cheesy cracker snack appearing keen to try them all.

So far, we’ve heard about three new flavours appearing on supermarket shelves.

Fans of the wheat-based snack can choose from the new Chipotle Chicken Wings flavour, Nacho Cheese & Jalepeno or Lime & Chilli.

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They’ve been spotted in store at the Coop, although they’re currently not available to order online.

“New flavour Mini Cheddars now available,” said food blogger NewFoodsUK.

“Wow,” said one follower.

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Another revealed they’d already decided the cheesy snack would be the perfect addition to a wine night.

“Oooh with a vino,” they said, adding the love heart eyes emoji.

“Another type for us to try,” said one Mini Cheddars fan.

“The chicken wings ones sound nice,” came the reply.

We have to have these for our reunion snack once this is all over.

“Oh my God!” said another fan of the snack, commenting on a picture of the Lime & Chilli flavour.

“Need to find these!”

“I need to find these,” said her friend, who was tagged in the post.

Others said the snacks would make the perfect “reunion snack” once lockdown ended.

“OMG,” said another, adding 10 love heart eye emojis.

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“We have to have these for our reunion snack once this is all over,” said another, tagging their friend.

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The Mini Cheddars launch is the latest in a line of new snacks to hit supermarket shelves.

Other new launches

Earlier we told you about a new Walkers line that takes its inspiration from our favourite restaurant dishes.

The crisp brand has teamed up with the likes of Pizza Express and Nando’s for a new range of crisps.

Fans raved about the new Piri-Piri Chicken-flavoured crisps, and two flavours based on two of the most popular Pizza Express pizzas.

Mini Cheddars
Jacobs has announced new Mini Cheddars flavours (Credit: Tesco)

To wash it all down, we’d recommend one of the new Brothers ciders.

It has just announced two new flavours are joining the family.

Cider fans can choose from Marshmallow of Tutti Frutti cider.

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