how to cut men's hair at home

How to cut men’s hair at home – a step-by-step guide

Short back and sides, love?

Help is at hand for lockdown Brits desperate to find out how to cut men’s hair at home.

Earlier this week, we revealed our favourite lockdown haircut disasters.

And now we bring you news of how you can avoid them!

Here’s all you need to know if you’re looking to find out how to cut men’s hair at home (Credit: Pixabay)

While home hair cuts for women usually involve a quick fringe trim, it’s a whole different ballgame for the man in your life.

So, with barbers out of bounds during the pandemic, it’ll no doubt fall to you to give him his regular short back and sides.

But how do you do that without ruining his ‘do – and having a huge argument in the process?

Well, it’ll be pretty simple if he fancies a buzzcut.

Reach for the clippers (Credit: Unsplash)

All you need is a set of clippers that you can get online from the likes of Amazon.

“First, you need to decide what length you would like and select what guard you will need,” hairdresser Ruby Hook told Tyla.

“On dry hair, take the clippers to the top of the head and move against the grain (front to back) in a straight, repetitive motion,” she added.

A quick trim

If he’s just after a quick trim, we’ve got you covered.
Use hair scissors if you have them. If not, small scissors or clippers will work, too.

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“You can do this as a dry or wet cut. Begin by using a comb to brush the hair down, and then slowly take off the ends and edges using your fingers and scissors,” Ruby said.

Less is more, so try not to take too much off in one go. You can always go over it once you’re done if you’ve missed any bits.

Take off a little at a time so your hair doesn’t end up too short (Credit: Unsplash)

Clippers will come in handy to neaten up the hairline around his neck.

If he’s after anything more labour-intensive, like a fade, it’s best to advise your man to wait till lockdown is over and ask a professional!

Stars are also struggling

And it’s not just us normal folk who are in a hair dilemma, lockdown horror haircuts are also affecting the stars.

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Strictly Come Dancing host Claudia Winkleman posted a hilarious video on Instagram, where she made a plea for fringe-cutting help.

If you actually genuinely do know how to trim a fringe with an old pair of kitchen scissors, call me.

With her trademark fringe covering her eyes, Claudia urged her followers to stay at home.

She said: “Hello, it’s Claudia Winkleman here. I just wanted to check-in, I hope you’re doing okay.”

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Claudia added: “I just want to say I know we’re on lockdown and however much you might be fantasising about seeing your friend who’s great at hairdressing, please don’t, please stay at home, please stay safe.”

She continued: “If you actually genuinely do know how to trim a fringe with an old pair of kitchen scissors, call me.”

Superdrug has some top tips when it comes to cutting fringes, and top of the list is don’t use kitchen scissors.

It states: “NEVER use kitchen scissors, unless you prefer the lawnmower look!”

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