honeycomb malteser teasers

Honeycomb Maltesers Teasers bar goes on sale in the UK and it’s ‘incredible’

A malted honeycomb chocolate dream!

Honeycomb Maltesers Teasers bars have gone on sale in the UK and they apparently taste “incredible”.

Foodie blogger NewFoodsUK broke the news and declared that the bar was “one of our favourite Maltesers products ever”.

Posting three pictures and a Boomerang video of the bar to Instagram, the chocolate lover appeared thrilled with the Mars find.

honeycomb malteser teasers
Honeycomb Maltesers Teasers bars are on sale in the UK now (Credit: GB Gifts)

“New! Honeycomb Maltesers bar!” the post screamed.

What’s so special about the Honeycomb Maltesers Teasers bar?

It added: “And oh boy, this bar is incredible!”

NewFoods then went on to explain just what was so amazing about the bar of chocolate.

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“Excellent honeycomb flavour combined with tiny malt balls – absolutely delicious!!” they said.

They added: “Has to be one of our favourite Maltesers products ever!!”

Excellent honeycomb flavour combined with tiny malt balls – absolutely delicious!!

High praise indeed… Although some were confused as to what was so different about the bar.

“How is this different to normal Malteaser bars? What’s inside those, isn’t it honeycomb already? I can’t compute,” they admitted.

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NewFoods to the rescue, though.

“Maltesers have malt in not honeycomb, this bar has malt and honeycomb in,” they said.

“My mind is fully blown,” the original poster declared.

Others seemed fully on board with the new UK launch, too.

A “must try”

“Honeycomb,” said one, adding the drooling emoji.

“Think this is a must try,” another said.

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“Oh my god, this looks insane!” said another.

“We neeeeed it! OMG!” screamed another soon-to-be fan.

“Oh my god this looks incredible,” said another.

“Have a look on the website,” said another, referring to GB Gifts, where the imported bars are sold.

I could spend ridiculous amounts,” the chocoholic concluded.

Indeed, so could we…

honeycomb malteser teasers
The bubbly bar was a hit with Instagram users (Credit: Instagram/NewFoodsUK)

“Not sure if it’s a good or bad thing that the website isn’t a physical shop! This looks unreal,” admitted another sweetie fan.

The Honeycomb Malteser Teasers bars are currently in stock on the GB Gifts website.

You can pick up your bar, which has been imported from Australia, here.

The whopper of a bar – which weighs 146g – costs £4.99 plus postage.

Worth every penny if you ask us!

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