holly Willoughby debate

Holly Willoughby sparks huge debate with viewers over rented This Morning dress

Was it blue or green?!

Holly Willoughby sparked a huge debate as she wore another rented dress to front today’s This Morning (October 13).

Taking to Instagram ahead of going live at 10am, Holly revealed what she was wearing.

She said: “Morning Tuesday… Once again we are doing dress rental in our fashion item today… this green dream is also only mine for a while… if it’s good enough for Cinderella!”

Holly then revealed that she had rented the Rotate Birger Christensen dress from Hurr Collective.

holly Willoughby debate
Holly Willoughby wore a rented dress that sparked huge debate on the show (Credit: ITV)

Holly Willoughby sparks huge dress debate

However, it wasn’t the fact the dress was rented that her followers took exception to, but the fact she’d said the dress was green.

“This is gorgeous! Although it’s definitely not green,” said one.

“I thought this! It’s teal surely? Beautiful though,” said another.

“It looks blue to me,” said a third.

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“It is dark teal,” another stated.

“That’s blue – unless I have lost my colour vision overnight?” another commented.

That’s blue – unless I have lost my colour vision overnight?

“I was thinking that too,” another of Holly’s followers agreed.

Another turned on the TV and had a look at the dress there.

“On the TV it is in fact green…. a magical gorgeous dress!” the viewer exclaimed.

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‘I thought it was navy blue’

“Dress does look nice,” another confirmed. “But the colour looks like teal to me.”

“You look great, but it looks more teal than actual green,” said another.

“I thought the dress was navy blue!” said another.

“Holly, your dress looks BLUE not green! Or am I seeing things?” another asked.

“It’s blue not green,” said another.

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However, we can in fact confirm that the dress is in fact a shade called deep teal.

And, according to Wikipedia, teal is a “blue-green colour”.

“Teal is a blue-green colour,” the entry reads.

“Its name comes from that of a bird – the common teal – which presents a similarly coloured stripe on its head.”

The designer’s website added it is a “long dress made of green pleated chiffon with polka dots”.

We’re still none the wiser!

holly Willoughby debate
The dress looked different in different lights, promoting one viewer to comment it was “magical” (Credit: ITV)

The dress wasn’t to everyone’s taste

Regardless of colour, the dress did have some haters who posted comments on Holly’s post.

“Dress not up to your normal level – must do better,” instructed one.

“I have liked every dress you have worn but sadly not this one. It doesn’t look right on you and you don’t look happy in it,” commented another.

Lots of people were also loving Holly’s knee-high boots.

If you want to steal her style, they’re from Reiss and cost a pricey £350!

The dress, meanwhile, costs around £300 if you want to buy it.

However, you can rent it from just £42.

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