Holly Willoughby returns to work on This Morning in £800 autumnal outfit

Is it too soon for boots, though?

Holly Willoughby returned to our screens today (September 1) following her summer break from This Morning.

Calling it the start of a “new term”, Holly certainly looked the part as she signalled the transition to chillier times with her autumnal outfit.

Holly uploaded her usual #HWstyle photo to Instagram ahead of the show.

Holly Willoughby returned to work in an autumnal outfit (Credit: ITV)

And, instead of the selfie from on high that we’ve become used to, Holly reverted back to her post-COVID style of having someone else take her outfit shot.

Holly Willoughby returns to work

And what an outfit it was – although you’ll need deep pockets to steal her style.

“Morning September… new term, new beginnings… so happy to back at @thismorning with @schofe,” Holly said.

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She then revealed where her first outfit of the new season was from.

“Dress by @realisationpar, shirt by @andotherstories, boots by @majeparis,” she said.

And, if you total up the three pieces that Holly wore, you’d be looking at almost £800 if you wanted to replicate the look.

Her Realisation Par dress, called The Alba, costs £230.

The shirt – a silk button-up blouse she’s worn before – costs £95 from And Other Stories.

“Why are you wearing boots?”

But it’s the boots that whack up the cost of the outfit.

They retail at £450.

While some branded the look “total outfit goals”, others weren’t so sure.

holly Willoughby
Holly’s dress costs £230 (Credit: Realistion Par)

“Lovely to see you both back, but not sure about this outfit I’m afraid,” said one.

“Sack the stylist,” said another.

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“Sorry, not keen on the outfit!!” another exclaimed.

“Wouldn’t have thought the top went with the dress and the shoes,” another commented.

Others pointed out the price of Holly’s return-to-work look.

holly Willoughby
She’s worn the £95 silk blouse before (Credit: And Other Stories)

“Why do you always wear such expensive, though lovely, outfits,” one asked, “when the majority of your viewers are working class and wouldn’t be able to afford them?”

Others thought Holly had peaked too soon with her autumnal look.

Why do you always wear such expensive outfits when the majority of your viewers are working class and wouldn’t be able to afford them?

“Why are you wearing boots?” said one.

“We’re still in sliders over here,” another commented.

Some took exception to the fact Holly was already wearing boots (Credit: Maje)

“Total outfit goals”

However, some loved the look.

“Total outfit goals as always,” one Holly fan commented.

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