holly Willoughby legs

Holly Willoughby gets her legs out and sparks debate about women wearing miniskirts

One branded it "far too short"

Holly Willoughby got her legs out on today’s This Morning (September 28), but not everyone was thrilled.

While many commented that Holly looked red hot in her leather miniskirt, others chastised the star for appearing on TV in a short skirt and bare legs.

Some urged her to get the tights out and others said it was way too short.

However, Holly’s most loyal followers had the star’s back and rushed to defend the blonde presenter.

holly Willoughby legs
Holly Willoughby was pretty in pink but all her fans could talk about were her legs (Credit: ITV)

What started the debate about Holly’s legs?

The debate started when Holly uploaded her regular #HWstyle photo to Instagram.

Ahead of the show, she said: “On Mondays, wear pink! Today’s #hwstyle on @thismorning knitwear by @andotherstories skirt by @massimodutti boots by @andotherstories.”

Far from comment on the cost of the outfit – which totalled £369 – Holly’s legs were the morning’s hot topic.

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“Not sure about the bare knees,” said one make follower called Peter.

“Lovely outfit all the same,” he added.

However, the latter part of his tweet did little to appease Holly’s fans.

“Give it a rest Peter,” said one.

“Okay, sorry. Have you gone f***ing mad?!” slammed another.

“What’s it got to do with you FFS?!” another added.

Not sure about the bare knees. Lovely outfit all the same.

“It’s called fashion,” said another who joined the debate.

“Do bare knees offend you?” another asked.

“Calm down Peter,” said another.


Skirt is ‘far too short’

Peter wasn’t the only one who took a dislike to Holly wearing a miniskirt on the show, though.

“No no no Holly, the skirt is far too short,” said another.

“This is not you. Please wear classy stuff like you do as you are so lovely,” they added.

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“Not sure about the knees,” said another.

Others were sure about Holly’s knees, though. Sure that they could spot everything from love hearts to Mickey Mouse in them!

“Your knee is in shape of a love heart,” said one.

“Face on knees,” said another.

“Your left knee look like 😉,” said another, adding the winky face emoji.

“Holly, as soon as I saw your legs, I thought your knees looked like two bears,” another commented.

Holly got her legs out on Monday’s show (Credit: ITV)

‘Get the tights out – it’s freezing’

Others said Holly’s should’ve checked the temperature before baring her legs on the show.

“It’s FREEZING outside,” said one Brit.

“Get the tights out. Summer’s over,” said another.

“She doesn’t wear it going to work,” came one fan’s reply.

“She wears her own clothes to work then gets changed,” they added, defending the This Morning host.

“We’re not looking at your clothes any more, but your knees,” stated another.

Here at ED!, we are looking at her clothes.

If you were too, you can pick up her leather miniskirt for £139 from Massimo Dutti.

Holly’s pink cardigan costs £55 and it’s from And Other Stories.

Her ankle boots are from And Other Stories, too. They cost £175.

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