Holly Willoughby dress

Holly Willoughby fans slam star’s ‘granny’ dress and call for her stylist to be sacked

She wore a pink dress to brighten up a grey day

Holly Willoughby wore a rented dress on This Morning today (October 5), but viewers really weren’t keen on the pink floral number.

Some even went so far as to call the dress “granny”, while another declared: “The 70s just called, they want their curtains back!”

Posting to Instagram ahead of the show, Holly revealed her outfit choice.

She said: “Morning Monday… Grey day = pink dress!”

Holly Willoughby dress
Some said Holly Willoughby looked “pretty in pink” in her dress, but many weren’t keen (Credit: ITV)

Where did Holly Willoughby get her dress from?

After revealing what was coming up on the show, she thanked freelance stylist Dannii Whiteman for finding the rented dress.

It came from Hurr, which specialises in rental fashion.

To buy it new from designer Sau Lee, the dress would set you back around £370.

You can rent it for between £55 and £139.

Holly added: “Such a great way of injecting your wardrobe with something new that doesn’t only get worn once or twice… #sustainablefashion #hwstyle.”

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Although some praised the star for wearing sustainable fashion, others called for poor Dannii to be sacked.

“Just about okay for granny curtains, but a dress, no no no,” said one.

“Sack Dannii Whiteman NOW,” they demanded.

“Oh Holly no!” said another. “It’s like something your granny would wear!”

I’m glad someone agrees with me! It’s definitely a granny print.

“I’m glad someone agrees with me!” another commented. “It’s definitely a granny print.”

“Agreed,” said another.

“Deffo a granny print,” another concurred.

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“Not sure,” another mused.

“I like the colour but not sure about the pattern. It’s a bit Victorian for me but each to their own,” they added.

“If you like it that all that matters.”


Not ‘flattering’ on ‘normally stunning’ star

Others said they didn’t think the dress was that flattering on Holly’s curves.

“Hmm not so sure. I don’t think it’s that flattering,” they said.

“Sorry, I just think it’s too old for you,” the person added, stating that Holly is “normally stunning”.

Others thought the dress had more of a regal feel to it.

“This dress would be perfect on our Queen,” said another of the 94-year-old monarch.

“It’s a no from me,” another commented. “Not to my taste.”

A boost for sustainable fashion

However, others praised the star for wearing sustainable fashion.

“Love the sustainability,” they said with the love heart eye emoji. “Stunning and kind to the planet.”

Although it seemed as if the compliment was a little back-handed from one of Holly’s followers.

“Yes you should wear more repeat/rental outfits,” one said, giving Holly the thumbs up.

However, they added: “With most of us losing our jobs, we can’t afford to splash out on new clothes, we are making do with what we have.”

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