holly Willoughby outfit today

Holly Willoughby divides This Morning viewers with her festive outfit today

Her Christmassy looks have been a little on the pricey side…

Holly Willoughby divided fans with the outfit she wore on This Morning today.

The blonde presenter uploaded her daily festive #jollyhollychristmas shot ahead of today’s show (December 3).

Holly looked gorgeous in a black sparkly top and skirt.

However, although she looked delightful, the price of the jumper was less than pleasing to some.

holly Willoughby fronting this morning
Viewers decided they loved the outfit Holly Willoughby wore today – they didn’t like the price, however (Credit: ITV)

What outfit did Holly Willoughby wear on This Morning today?

Holly wore a black sparkly pleated skirt by Hobbs and knitwear by Victoria Beckham.

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Sharing a picture of her outfit, the TV presenter said: “Sparkling the morning away… see you on @thismorning at 10am… #jollyhollychristmas Skirt by @hobbslondon knitwear by @victoriabeckham.”

She accompanied the post with the black heart emoji, but not all of her followers were feeling the love.

The skirt costs £149 and is available online in sizes 6 to 18.

Holly clearly loved it, uploading a separate snap of it to her Instagram Stories.

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She captioned the shot: “‘Tis the season.”

The jumper, however, is considerably more pricey.

It’s on sale online for £295 – and some of Holly’s followers aren’t happy that she’s supporting “top-end designers” at a time when many Brits are “struggling”.

holly Willoughby's skirt and shoes
Holly’s clearly feeling festive (Credit: Instagram)

What did Holly’s followers say about the outfit?

The post was soon flooded with gushing comments stating that Holly looked stunning in her festive outfit.

However, others pointed to the price of the outfit.

One posted: “Looking gorgeous, but a shame the average person is struggling to buy food and keep a roof over their heads.”

They continued: “But Holly Willoughby, you’re going to support top-end designers like Victoria Beckham who is a millionaire.”

Looking gorgeous, but a shame the average person is struggling to buy food and keep a roof over their heads.

The comment was liked several times but some followers had Holly’s back.

“It’s not her fault, is it,” they said, in a nod to the fact that Holly has a stylist for This Morning.

Another said: “Give it a rest would you! It’s not ITV’s fault that some people live on the poverty line. Stop trying to shift the blame!”

“Well, she could watch what she spends,” came another reply.

“She works hard for her money, it’s up to her how she spends it,” another replied.

“Lush, but the jumper costs £295!” said another with the sad face emoji.

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