Heatwave hack involves opening windows to stay cool inside

This easy heatwave hack could keep your house cool as temperatures soar

Feeling the heat? Try this

A woman from West Yorkshire amazed TikTok users with a ‘heatwave hack’ for keeping the house cool.

As UK weather records look set to be smashed by unprecedented temperatures, the Met Office has issued an unprecedented Red Extreme heat warning.

However, Rosaline Webb has a tip for anyone trying to maintain their chill by opening all windows.

Beachgoers take in the sun
Stay safe when outside in the hot weather – and maybe try a heatwave hack to stay cool inside, too (Credit: Splashnews.com)

Heatwave hack: How to ‘cool your house’

The 28-year-old silversmith shared her simple tip on TikTok. However, it appears her account has now been deactivated.

She apparently first heard the tip on BBC Radio two  years ago.

Rosaline maintains her hack rests on NOT opening ALL windows.

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She reportedly instructed users: “First, shut all the windows on the south side of the house, or the side of the house that receives the most sunlight.

“Next, draw all the curtains to stop the sunlight from flooding in.

“Lastly, open all the windows on the north side of the house, or the side of the house in the shade, to let all the cold air in.”

More tips on staying comfortable in record temperatures

Viewers of Rosaline’s post went on to offer a few heatwave hack suggestions of their own.

One person suggested leaving windows open overnight to enable cool air circulate.

The mercury is rising - stay safe
The mercury is rising – stay safe (Credit: Splashnews.com)

Someone else said they open both the top and bottom sash windows. They reckon hot air will rise and exit through the top while cooler air will be drawn in through the bottom.

And a third person noted opening a loft hatch can also help.

UKHSA advice

Meanwhile, the UK Health Security Agency advises people stay hydrated and out of the sun when UV rays are at their strongest.

Additionally the agency recommends closing curtains on rooms that face the sun to stay cool.

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Furthermore, it also reminds people that it may be cooler outdoors than indoors.

And it also crucial to never leave anyone – especially young children and animals – in a closed, parked vehicle.

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