Hairdressers told to be silent when salons reopen their doors on July 4

New guidelines have been issued

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New rules have been issued to hairdressers ahead of their scheduled reopening on Saturday July 4.

They’ve been told to keep “small talk” to a minimum because it could help stop the spread of coronavirus.

Clients have also been banned from bringing coats and jackets into salons. It’s thought the virus can live on fabric for up to 72 hours.

New rules have been issued to hairdressers (Credit: Pexels)

The National Hair and Beauty Federation has issued hairdressers with its own set of guidelines.

And it is now calling on the government to issue official ones.

If hairdressers get the go ahead to reopen as planned on July 4, staff will be asked to work in silence after the NHBF told members to keep chat “to a minimum”.

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It’s thought this will help to protect both staff and clients.

Keep chat “to a minimum”

The guidelines state: “Avoid face-to-face discussions with clients. Discussions about cut, colour and treatments should be made via the mirror while standing behind the client and kept to a minimum.”

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They add: “You can lower the risk of infection if you stand or sit side-to-side rather than facing people. Consider offering online consultations to reduce the appointment time.”

Staff have been told to cut the small talk (Credit: Unsplash)

The statement continued: “This could be done before your salon or barbershop is fully open for business. This also gives you an opportunity to talk to clients about safety measures you’re taking to protect them and your team and to establish if an allergy alert test is needed.”

The NHBF then called on the government to issue a clear set of rules.

Discussions about cut, colour and treatments should be made via the mirror while standing behind the client and kept to a minimum.

“Salons and barbershops have been unable to trade for months. If they are to make a financial investment in PPE, they need to be confident that they are buying the right materials and they need sufficient time to source supplies,” it read.

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Hairdressers are currently putting their own rules in place, the NHBF stated.

One independent salon in Surrey emailed its clients today (June 18) advising it would be reopening in two weeks.

The email read: “We look forward to opening our doors to you finally on Saturday July 4th.”

It said the salon had made some layout changes and would be operating reduced opening hours.

No coats or coffees

The email also detailed how things would work.

“If you require any products whilst you are with us, your stylist will arrange all this for you and your next booking from your chair,” it said.

Salons are expected to reopen on July 4 (Credit: Pexels)

The salon won’t be offering refreshments to clients and they won’t be able to take coats upon arrival.

The email also told customers to bring their own face mask with them.

“We have a supply here but not the full amount we need due to the high demand everywhere,” it added.

The NHBF added: “Salons are putting their own rules in place based on common sense and trying to limit contact with clients as much as possible.”

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