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Friday 7th August 2020

Greene King pubs launch huge pigs in blankets wrapped in Yorkshire puddings

The festive special combines two British Christmas classics

You can now enjoy two of Christmas dinner's most celebrated dishes in one serving.

Greene King pubs have just announced that they are offering giant pigs in blankets wrapped in Yorkshire puddings.

This scrumptious offering is included in the pub's "Jingle Bells Hound" dish.

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Each dish comes with two humongous pigs in blankets covered in Yorkshire puddings with additional chopped pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, crumbled stuffing, cranberry sauce and alcohol laden cheese sauce.

You will receive a certificate if you finish one entirely on your own

And if this wasn't tempting enough, their Christmas menu also has an additional unusual choices.

There are also featuring festive Chicken wings, boasting two kilograms of crispy chicken which also come with pigs in blankets, crumbled stuffing, cranberry sauce and more of that boozy cheese sauce.

The chances are you're not far from a Greene King establishment, as there are currently 141 across the nation.

Greene King has 141 locations across the UK. (Credit: Twitter @GreeneKing)

Prices are from just £12.99, but they can vary from location to location.

The portions are exceptionally generous in size. So much so that you will receive a certificate if you finish one entirely on your own.

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Each certificate winner could end up on the pub chain's "Wall of Fame."

The festive dishes are at 25% of their regular price on Fridays. Hurry up though, as they'll be off the menu after December 31.

Jane Byron, brand controller at Flaming Grill, said: "Christmas is a time for family and friends to get together and celebrate with seasonal food and drinks. The Jingle Bells Hound challenge is perfect for sharing with friends; it combines our favourite traditional festive foods in a fun and exciting way.

Asda is selling pigs in blanket fondue (Credit: ASDA)

"We've also introduced the limited edition festive wings challenge - two kilograms of crispy chicken wings, topped with chopped pigs in blankets, crumbled stuffing, oozy boozy cheese sauce and cranberry sauce. Another great excuse for friends and family to get together and share some festive food this Christmas."

Pigs in blankets seem to be the food staple of 2019's festive season, as many supermarkets are offering their own takes on the Christmas classic.

For example, Asda is offering pigs in blanket fondue this year, and for just £5 at that.

And even coffee chain Costa is getting in on the action and offering a mouthwatering pigs in blanket macaroni and cheese.

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