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Food fans thrilled as M&S launch Extremely Chocolatey Jaffa Cake Bars

The 'best cake bars' foodies have 'ever eaten'

Fans of M&S food have revealed their delight at the store’s latest launch.

Good old Marks and Sparks has unveiled not one but two new Extremely Chocolatey cake bars.

They’re described as having “more chocolate than cake”.

But it’s the flavours that have got Brits in a spin.

opened M&S new cake bars
Two new Cake Bars have launched in M&S food halls (Credit: Instagram/SweetReviewsUK)

What flavour are the new Extremely Chocolatey Cake Bars?

There are two new sweet treats in M&S food halls.

You can pick up boxes of the Chocolate Cake Bars and Jaffa Cake Bars in store now.

Instagram foodie Sweet Reviews UK broke the news of the launch on social media.

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“NEW M&S EXTREMELY CHOCOLATEY CAKE BARS. If anyone can do cake bars perfectly it’s M&S,” the post started.

“These new cake bars can be found in two different flavours – Jaffa orange and chocolate. Described as having ‘more chocolate than cake’, these are delicious,” the account added.

The best part about these though has to be the thick milk chocolate coating, making them one of the best cake bars we have ever eaten!

Then came the descriptions…

“The Jaffa Orange Cake Bar has a soft light vanilla sponge with a juicy tangy orange jelly.

“The Chocolate Cake Bars have a chocolate sponge topped with chocolate buttercream, yummy!” the post declared.

Alongside a handful of pictures of the new bars, the post added: “The best part about these though has to be the thick milk chocolate coating, making them one of the best cake bars we have ever eaten!”

M&S Jaffa cake bars
The cake bars have an orange jelly layer encased in thick milk chocolate (Credit: Instagram/SweetReviewsUK)

How much are they?

The price is also pretty agreeable.

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They cost £1.50 per pack. And, as you get five in a pack, they work out at just 30p each.

“Which we think is a bargain considering how good they are!” they added.

‘The Jaffa one will be on my list’

If the comments from followers are anything to go by, it appears the bars will be a hit with shoppers.

“Those look amazing,” said one.

“We were automatically drawn to the jaffa bar but the chocolate bar looks extremely fudgey,” said another.

“Oh Lordy they look good,” a third commented.

“The Jaffa one will be on my list,” another declared.

“Looks so yummy,” another decided.

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