Strongbow launches a ‘delicate’ new Rosé Cider and fans say it’s the drink of their dreams!

Roll on summer!

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Strongbow has launched a new cider and early testers say it “tastes amazing”.

Strongbow Rosé Cider is on sale in Asda and Morrisons now, with other supermarkets stocking it soon.

Made with blush red apples, the drink is free from artificial sweeteners, flavours and colours, with its pretty pink hue coming from carrot concentrate.

With apples and carrots, the drink is basically one of your five a day!

Perfect for sipping in the sunshine come summer, the new launch looks set to be hugely popular, with some fans saying the launch is a “dream come true”.

“Strongbow Rosé Cider is going to be very dangerous when summertime comes,” said one cider fan on Twitter.

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“I’ve got them in bottles and they taste amazing,” said one Strongbow Rosé fan.

Another added: “I’ve tried my first bottle of this tonight, it’s a lovely delicate cider, fresh tasting. I approve.”

“If you wish hard enough dreams do come true,” said another.

I’ve tried my first bottle of this tonight, it’s a lovely delicate cider, fresh tasting. I approve.

“Haven’t tried this yet but I’m going to,” said one soon-to-be fan.

“Oooh la la!” exclaimed another.

The drinks are on offer for less than £1 at the moment (Credit: Strongbow)

“Can’t wait to try it,” another said.

“This will definitely be on my shopping list,” another fan revealed.

As if life couldn’t get any better, @strongbowuk have made a rosé version. There is a God,” said another.

However, some cider fans said they’d been struggling to buy the drink, which has clearly proved to be popular already!

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I’ve been to two @asda in two days and still can’t get Strongbow Rosé,” one cider lover complained.

Strongbow’s Rachel Holms said: “We’re really excited about the latest addition to our range of refreshing ciders.”

She added: “Not only is Strongbow Rosé the most successful recipe we’ve ever tested, we’ve also got exciting launch plans this summer to make sure as many people as possible get to try it.”

The cider retails for £5.25 for four 440ml cans or 10 cans for £12.

However, Asda is selling four for £4.50 and 10 for £9 at the moment – which means one can costs less than £1.

Single 500ml bottles have an RRP of £1.50.

It’ll be on sale in Sainsbury’s on March 8 and Tesco on April 20.

Roll on summer!

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