Fans call the new KitKat Chunky Deluxe Caramel – with its BLACK wafer – the ‘perfect’ chocolate bar

We can confirm it's delicious!

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New KitKats seem to be appearing every single day at the moment.

Not that we’re complaining – although our jeans are certainly starting to feel a little tight!

Most recently brought to our tastebuds’ attention is the delicious KitKat Senses Gold Edition.

The KitKat Senses Gold Edition has a delicious black wafer (Credit: Instagram/HelenJTea)

Not to be confused with the recently-launched four-finger KitKat Gold bar that’s currently on sale in UK stores, this one is completely covered in delicious caramelised white chocolate.

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And, what’s more, the Deluxe Caramel bar has a black – yes, black – wafer centre.

Don’t let the colour put you off, we thought that it only added to the caramel flavour of the chocolate bar.

Currently only on sale in Russia, you’ll either have to hop on a plane to sample it, or head over to GB Gifts, where they’re in stock online.

The black wafer is smothered in caramelised white chocolate (Credit: Instagram/HelenJTea)

As our main picture suggests, the range also includes a sharer bar, while there’s also a four-finger KitKat Gold Deluxe Caramel.

However, the two of them sadly have the normal KitKat wafer.

The chunky version is most definitely worth a try, but don’t just take our word for it.

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One food blogger said she thought the caramel and white chocolate flavours worked “perfectly” with the KitKat wafer.

“I absolutely love caramelised white chocolate and combining it with the KitKat wafer takes it to another level,” she said.

“Love it,” said one fan on Instagram.

I absolutely love caramelised white chocolate and combining it with the KitKat wafer takes it to another level.

Another added: “Oh hell yes!”

Fans had previously called the UK’s KitKat Gold – on sale at the Co-op and Nisa local stores – an “absolute winner of a chocolate bar”.

The KitKat Gold – which has a milk chocolate bottom – is available in UK stores now (Credit: Instagram/HelenJTea)

KitKat maker Nestle has certainly been spoiling us lately, with news that Biscoff KitKats exist sending fans of the cookie butter spread wild.

Then came news of the delicious Honeycomb Smash KitKat, that’s sadly also only available online or overseas.

Elsewhere, news reaches us that Nestle is also planning a new Quality Street truffle launch next month.

Three flavours of Intrigue truffles – orange, salted caramel and praline – are reportedly launching in Asda next month.

So much chocolate, so little time – and it isn’t even Easter yet!

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