Dickie's Bangers

Dickie’s Big Boozy Bangers – the superior sausage our Bank Holiday BBQ has been waiting for

Two of our favourite things in one!

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Bank Holiday is just around the corner – and so is the sunshine. So it’s time to dust off the BBQ and discover Dickie’s Big Boozy Bangers!

No self-respecting BBQ is complete without some superior-quality sausages, and a good tipple or three to wash them down with.

Dickie’s Bangers beautifully marry booze and bangers – one of life’s great taste combos – in a sausage.

Let’s say that again – alcoholic sausage! You may have tried this pairing before, but Dickie’s meaty match is different gravy.

There are three flavours: Bloody Mary, Prosecco & Apple and Tequila Slammer – and every sausage is packed with a minimum 84% of prime British pork shoulder.

And as we can look forward to beautiful weather this coming weekend – a rare treat in the UK this year – the Tequila Slammer Bangers deserve centre stage on the grill.

They’re packed with zesty lime and smoky ‘properly good’ tequila, with a hint of Jalapeno pepper.

Dickie's Bangers
Dickie’s Bangers include Tequila Slammer Bangers (Credit: Dickie’s Bangers)

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Wrap your banger – trust us, they are massive, one will be enough – in a soft tortilla loaded with guacamole, salsa or sour cream (or all three!) for a full-on spicy Mexican vibe.

If you’re planning a more sophisticated gathering, go for the Dickie’s Bangers Prosecco & Apple option.

These meaty treats are bursting with fizz, crisp apple pieces and orange which deliver a refreshing citrus zing – pair with a light potato and sage salad.

Bloody Mary! Breakfast has never been a holier experience (Credit: Dickie’s Bangers)

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The Bloody Mary Bangers contain premium vodka, spicy tomato, celery salt and herbs – perfect as the centre piece to a big Bank Holiday breakfast.

Dickie’s Bangers are made in the heart of the Essex countryside at a pal’s farm where they’ve been making sausages for 96 years.

The saucy offerings are the brainchild of Dickie’s Bangers’ Dickie Kieswick, who told us how he chose his recipes: “I had about 50 flavours and narrowed it down to six, then a final three to launch with: the Prosecco & Apple, Tequila Slammer and Bloody Mary. We did a lot of market research and they were the most popular.

“Recently I produced some Smoky Bourbon and some Spiced Rum Bangers as free samples to our Newsletter subscribers.

“They went down really well – the next one to feature will be my chicken sausage a Dickie’s massive Coq au Vin!”

Ooh la la.

Check out the full range of Dickie’s Big Boozy Bangers and order here – a pack of four HUGE bangers costs £4.95.

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