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Daim bars: Fans overjoyed as new Caramel Latte bar gets ‘early 2021’ launch date

'2021 is already looking better than 2020'

Fans of Daim bars have reacted with glee to the news that the crunchy caramel-filled chocolate bar is getting a makeover “early next year”.

Yes, news reaches us that a new Daim bar flavour is set to be released.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that Daim bar lover Stacey Solomon will be first in the queue to try it.

daim bar in a wrapper
There’s a new Daim bar about to launch in the UK (Credit: Amazon)

What flavour are the new Daim bars?

A picture of the new Daim has been posted on several foodie Instagram accounts, originating on the Glencrest cash and carry page.

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Kev’s Snack Reviews reposted it and revealed all he knew about the new flavour.

Launching in “early 2021”, coffee fans are in for a real treat because the new flavour Daim is Caramel Latte.

The picture shows three bars alongside a steaming cup of coffee.

new caramel latte Daim
The Caramel Latte Daim has delighted fans of the bars (Credit: Instagram/KevsSnackReviews)

What did Daim lovers say about the new product?

To say fans of the chocolate bars were thrilled is a slight understatement.

Love heart eye emojis soon flooded the comments section.

And Brits were quick to declare that 2021 was already looking a lot rosier than the year that we’re all ready to say goodbye to.

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“I can tell 2021 is already way better than 2020,” said one upon hearing the news.

“These look insane,” said another. “I’ll be keeping an eye out,” they added.

“Love a Daim bar!” said another.

“A multipack can disappear in a day in my house,” their pal agreed.

I can tell 2021 is already way better than 2020.

“Oh yum,” another social media user agreed.

“I need these when they’re out,” said another.

“OMG, OMG, OMG!” said another who seemed a little lost for words.

“They sound divine,” said another soon-to-be Daim Caramel Latte fan.

“This sounds incredible,” another agreed.

Where and when can I get them?

Well, if you feel the same, eyes peeled for when they hit the shelves early next year!

And, the fact that they’ve been posted on a UK cash and carry site surely means they’ll be in corner shops and supermarkets, rather than more expensive online importer sites.


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