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Wednesday 27th May 2020

Coronavirus: 10 things all mums have told their kids off for during lockdown!

One week in…

There's no doubt about it, the coronavirus lockdown is tough, especially if you've got children.

With the majority of parents now working from home and homeschooling their kids, it can often feel as if there aren't enough hours in the day.

So it's unsurprising mums have taken to social media to share their frustrations as we head into week two of lockdown.

With a glass of wine no doubt firmly in hand, they have revealed the 10 things they're telling their kids off about during the pandemic.

Arguing with their siblings

So many mums have revealed they're almost constantly telling their kids to stop arguing with their siblings.

Mums have been urging their kids to play nice during lockdown (Credit: Unsplash)

Fighting over colouring pens, who gets the pink unicorn cup or who is put to bed first, there seems to be nothing your kids won't argue about.

Not listening to teacher

We get it, you're lawyer, taxi driver or secretary – not a teacher.

And your kids are totally taking advantage of that!

Home schooling during lockdown is challenging (Credit: Unsplash)

"Annnd we have our first tantrum of lock down. How dare I tell the child what to do," one mum tweeted.

We've certainly got a new admiration for teachers when it comes to taming our unruly kids…

Interrupting work calls

We know it's not their fault if they need their mum during a super-important work call.

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But does our boss really need to witness a meltdown of epic proportions because you've finished your snack and need help washing your hands?

Limited screen time

With outdoor time limited and your need to work during the 9 to 5, it's only natural to let your kids increase the amount of time they spend on their tablets.

Step away from the TV screen (Credit: Unsplash)

However, try taking that tablet away for some non-screen time before bed and you'll see the mother of all tantrums.

Don't waste food

We know they haven't seen the empty supermarket shelves or felt the panic when you couldn't get their favourite brand of chicken nuggets.

However, that doesn't stop us snapping when kids refuse to eat the meal you've just spent the best part of an hour making.

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"My five year old has been bugging me to make spaghetti. He doesn't know war is going on," one mum tweeted.

Yes, we know we aren't serving our kids exactly what they want, but we really did try our best to get your favourite biscuits/chips/yogurts.

And please god STOP asking for snacks "all the time" said one mum.

"They're seriously eating me out of house and home," she added.

Tempter tantrums

Chances are you've already experienced more tantrums than you can count today.

Just as we are anxious and bored amid lockdown, your kids feel it too.

Annnd we have our first tantrum of lock down. How dare I tell the child what to do.

And tantrums seem to occur over the smallest things.

Temper tantrums are the new normal (Credit: Unsplash)

"First major child tantrum of the lockdown: looking for a particular book at bedtime and realised he's left it in school. Proper epic, legendary screaming," said one mum.

Keep your distance

"I was at the park – which was relatively empty – with my girls, aged three and five," one mum told ED!.

"The kids are dog mad and, out of nowhere, they spot one, and go running after it," she added.

Amid pleas for social distancing, she added that she was "so scared" they would come into close contact with the dog's owner that she shouted herself "hoarse" and "made the girls cry" because she got into such a state.

We've all been there!

Enforced family time

Lockdown has certainly shown many mums exactly where they rank in their kids' affections.

"I'm officially giving up attempting to create some nice family time," one mum said on Facebook.

"Have spent the whole day suggesting/setting up activities and no one is remotely interested. They would all rather chat to their friends and play on technology," she said.

However, posting over the weekend she did have an idea of how to claw things back.

"Bring on tomorrow!" she posted. "Because when it’s school hours they have to do my activities as 'you wouldn’t say no to your teacher' has become my new motto!"

Tidy your room!

With the outside world pretty much off limits, home needs to be a sanctuary now more than ever.

Which is why you just can't stand toys on the floor, plates not in the dishwasher, beds not made and clothes not in the washing bin.

Pleas to tidy up after themselves are often met with tears (Credit: Unsplash)

"I have lost count of the number of times I've told them to clean up their mess," said one exasperated mum.

Stop climbing on the sofa

In the absence of a climbing frame in the playground, it appears your kids are using your furniture instead.

One mum told us she'd "lost count" of the amount of times she'd told her kids to "get down and stop climbing on the sofa".

With the government revealing it could be "six months" before the UK returns to "normal", it appears both mums and their kids have some stressful times ahead…

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